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AD | Last time we saw the TOKIT Omni Cook, it was safe in the hands of our chefs. This time we’ve let all 3 of our normal home cooks loose with it in an Ultimate Battle! They’re using it to create the most delicious midweek meal they can in 30 minutes… and the winning recipe will be uploaded to the TOKIT for people to use across the world.

3 normals. 3 very different recipes. Who will use the TOKIT to create the best meal?

Find out more about the TOKIT Omni Cook using the links below:
Twitter: @TokitG
Instagram: @tokitgl
Facebook: @tokitglobal
TOKIT Cooking Squad site:

Fancy being in with a chance of winning your own TOKIT Omni Cook?

Cooking Squad Rules
To enter, share your recipe in the comments below with #TOKITSquad to join the TOKIT Cooking Squad and follow the TOKIT Official YouTube Channel.
Winner gets a free TOKIT Omni Cook! The winning entry is the most impressive recipe, as selected by SORTEDfood and the TOKIT team.
Winner will be announced in the TOKIT newsletter 7 days after video launch. Sign up to find out the winner!

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  1. Lance Lindle Lee says:

    I usually favor Jamie's dish as I want no nonsense, big flavor. This time though, Barry's was the most interesting.

  2. Glenn Zanotti says:

    As a Texan, it so hurts my ears to hear Brits pronounce the names of Mexican/TexMex foods. Jaime gave my ears a beating on this episode.

  3. I love the video, I don't like the device 😀 Heating function especially makes no sense. Only reason to buy this device would be because you don't have stove, but in that case it would make more sense to buy crock pot or something similar + multipurpose machine/blender thing.

  4. Callie Daly says:

    Mike should have won. He is usually more stressed out but was chill, made 2 dishes and cleaned along the way. That was impressive.

  5. Amy Rotella says:

    Even though all three did a delicious meal, I would have given my vote to Mike. I don't like eggplants and I don't eat lamb. So for me Mike's dish I would eat it more often. Chef Ben, you must be proud of all three of them, they have come a long way. You are an excellent teacher.

  6. Leberschnitzel says:

    As someone who recently got the Omni Cook: It's a nice addition to my kitchen, but it has some problems in the software department.
    First why I got it so you see why some things are annoying to me personally that might not be for others: I've got it since I'm pretty stuck in my cooking. I like to make the things I know that are quick, but I never really try out new stuff. With the Tokit I hoped to make some interesting ideas with a tool that makes those come to the table quick. And on that it delivers, but:
    – Recipes don't have an automatic way to scale portion sizes. You can't say "I want to make this for 2 people" and it adapts the needed ingredients. All recipes I've seen so far are fix for 3-4 people. You can just wing it, but that defeats a bit the purpose of the tool.
    – No way to transfer recipes to a shopping list on the phone. You have to write them down manually.
    – The translation of the software is… nearly not usable. I just keep it in English and that works well, but German is very bad.

    For me it's a good tool, it for sure saves some time that I can use otherwise and I really like the recipes they have in the machine, for someone with even less cooking experience (or a family that doesn't eat portions of 3 which is the perfect size for me and my partner ^^) it might be more annoying, for someone skilled in cooking I don't think it adds enough to add to the kitchen, since they probably have specialized tools for everything already and they don't really need the recipe function.

  7. Ben Nesbitt says:

    I would have gave it to Mike

  8. Glenn Zanotti says:

    Mike's jambalaya was my favorite. It was creole style, not because of the soupiness, but because of the tomatoes. Cajun style jambalaya would not have the tomatoes. I'd like some bigger shrimps, and some larger cuts of veg, but it looks pretty good.

  9. tedweird says:

    Mike totally deserved the win here, think Jamie second and Baz third

  10. Bridget Cooney says:

    You know they're British when they think hot smoked paprika is actually hot. I live in Texas and my mother is from Madrid. Hot smoked paprika is just the minimal level of heat to make food taste good.

  11. duece08 says:


  12. Shea Ziemer says:

    As a southern American, I am pained by this. Guac isn't avocado and salsa. Jambalaya needs cayenne, doesn't have elotes, and feta isn't in elotes.

  13. Adam Arends says:

    I would go with Barry’s all the way. What would be cool is swap the battle recipes at the last second… draw a name from a hat and make that recipe from only basic instructions being provided. Skills test for the guys

  14. Kelli_the_great says:

    Barry's last. Barry is always last 😂

  15. Wow for sure thought Jamie would take it

  16. Jamie Harrison says:

    I would choose Barry's dish… which I find surprising because I usually don't go for stews. It just looked so good 👍

  17. The Dragons Eye Games says:

    Nope… chilli won, sorry Ben you are completely wrong here and lamb gets second with the other one being last for including a side dish that in no way at all used the omni.

  18. Monus Brewer says:

    I am shocked! WTH… Mike's should have won hands down. 🤬

    3. Jamie
    2. Barry
    1. Mike

    Seriously Ebbers… Barry's over Mike's.

  19. Christina Kim says:

    I have never seen Ben more assertive as he was demanding a prawn on top.

  20. StarryGirl says:

    Mike should have won!! Barry then Jamie!! You can't forget basics and win…

  21. Karl Nielsen says:

    3rd: Barry, 2nd: Jamie, 1st: Mike. Mike should have won that battle!

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