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How to cook a delicious dinner! Turkey coconut sauce with brown rice and veggies!

Turkey coconut sauce – paired with brown rice and grilled veggies!!! a delicious family dinner!
When cooked this way, turkey is incredibly tender and soft. I have learned to cook meat in coconut sauce from an amazingly gifted and talented friend in The Netherlands and it became one of our favorite meals. She used beef for this recipe but I discovered that turkey works just as well. Our kids love it! They like rice with anything including brown and red rice, but especially when there is a delicious sauce to go with it. This one can be spiced up more. I prefer it more mild for kids as well. I also like to skip the curry with this recipe since coconut milk has it’s own already distinct and wonderful flavor.

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  1. Homemade says:

    very nice. love the preparation and presentation. thanks for sharing.

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