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I Followed What Ian Somerhalder Eats In A Day

welcome back to another ep. of following what celebrities eat in a day!!
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Gwyneth Paltrow:
Kylie Jenner:


UBER EATS: eats-u5c6n
UBER: u5c6n


(the graveyard)
Snapchat: “lowecow”
Vine: “Andrew Lowe” lol

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  1. Alexa a Capella says:

    😂 the “casual radish trip” comment sent me

  2. Danielle Willard says:

    HAHAHAHAHAH "hey Ian… I've been described as a weird thing" killed me. I only know this man as Mr. Rosalie Hale Evie Zamora

  3. MollyCatherinexo says:

    Andrew you have to watch the vampire diaries.. so much Ian


  5. G Mai says:

    You need to try actual lettuce (yes a romain) cooked down, very tasty and used a lot in traditional Chinese cooking. Bit of Oyster and soy sauce and delish, chefs kiss

  6. Brittany Jj says:

    When you said he looks like rob lowe my head exploded you’re SO right

  7. Missy! R. says:

    His interview is so ridiculous that it feels like parody. 😂

  8. courtney gwinn says:

    Andrew I fucking love youuuuu

  9. Nicole Clark says:

    love that andrew is so close to a million subs! yes king 👑

  10. Pruru says:

    Im cry laughing. You are hilarious and just made my night

  11. Mel Vicci says:

    You're the cutest I can't lol.. you're my spirit animal!!!

  12. My doctor tried to diagnosed me with graves disease in like 2014 but nope I got scleroderma /lupus lmdoa

  13. Kyle Mahoney says:

    andrew get escarole!!! cook it down with garlic and put it on bread. usually have it with italian sausage and parmasean but idk what a vegan alt would be!!

  14. shrimpstermomma says:

    Hello??? Oh my gawddd😭😭

  15. glamourgirl909 says:

    I just learned in biochemistry that coconut oil has MORE LDL cholesterol than trans fat oils… soooo it’s not that good for you


  17. Em Riley says:

    The salad spinner spilling for some reason made me laugh so hard thank you for that gift

  18. Ashleighh0 says:

    andrew you should binge vampire diaries lol

  19. B Lynn says:

    I like how you lowkey dressed similar

  20. Anthony says:

    4:42 andrew PLEASE😭😭😭

  21. Kaysi says:

    lmao I passed away 4:40

  22. Emma Johanson says:

    Andrew, you are the exact opposite of a high-density fat.

  23. Emma Johanson says:


  24. Ruby Trudell says:

    idk why him singing the cup song took me OUT

  25. chloe beall says:

    This man is so sickenly self satisfied and pretentious pleeeeeease

  26. Noelle Taylor says:


  27. Love the casual use of "hey sister" as a verb at the end. Well done.

  28. She's Dark Inside says:

    Not trying to Hey Sister a straight man – best sentence ever!

  29. Lili Applauds says:

    I enjoyed this so much. First time here.

  30. petty boop says:

    andrew PLEASE try sautéed romaine. it’s so good!!! it has a similar texture to bok choy when cooked. (i sauté mine in sesame oil, then add soy sauce, chili flakes, lemon, garlic and ginger.) i fear ian may eat it bland, but some yummy seasoned romaine over rice is delish.

  31. anxietyfox says:

    Raw radishes with butter and salt. TRUST ME

  32. Lucy Turtle says:

    Andrew this video was pure gold

  33. Sarina Dae says:

    You went from not knowing this man to being in love with him!

  34. Liberace says:

    15:38 "I do do" I would too after all that.

  35. jessrum78 says:

    “I don’t usually eat meat, so I replace it with fish” lol wut

  36. Kylie Boyer says:

    “I don’t think I have a heart problem…. I do have anxiety” 😭😭😭 same

  37. xiHeartMusic17x says:

    Ian exists:
    All of us: Sorry, Daddy sorry, Daddy sorry, Daddy

  38. lanaiba says:

    "Caffeine that isn't blended with oil. What are we gonna do?!"

  39. Nick Lemmer says:

    You should sell merch that just says “sure.” on the front. I’d buy it.

  40. lotrgirl27 says:

    Ian looks miserable describing his diet, as if wifey had a lot to do with the clean eating lol

  41. Oo, Tabitha Brown's everything i eat in a day is vegan!

  42. Did his eyes get redder and redder throughout the video?

  43. Kambrie Rose says:

    Me watching this eating frozen pizza is really making me questioning my life habits lmao

  44. Kambrie Rose says:

    I would love to see Cody Ko react to what this man eats lmao

  45. Nickie P says:

    If you like Ian Somerhalder you may also like Gale Harold…

  46. Bridget says:

    You should look up photos of him when he was a young actor!! He’s always been hot lol

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