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Simple vegetable broth


1x Onion
Celery 200g
Tomato 300g
Carrot 210g
Cabbage 400g
2x Garlic clove
Soup mix 75g
Salt pepper
Bunch of chives
bunch thyme
1tsp Worcestershire sauce
Serve 4

• Prepare the vegetable. wash and chop the celery, carrot, tomato, and the cabbage as well, set aside.
• Slice the onion finely and crash 2 garlic clove chop them set aside.
• Measure 75g soup mix (Pearl barley, red split lentils, green split pears, yellow split peas), rinse well, set aside.
• Meanwhile heat a 4.6L pot, pouring 2-3tsp rapeseed oil, fry off the onion and garlic mixture until golden, add chopped tomato into the pot and stir well.
• Add chopped celery, carrot and cabbage gradually cooking until soft and add 1.5L water, 1 bunch thyme, cover the lid until boiling
• When boiling, turn down the heat, simmer about 2 hours
• Taste and adjust the seasoning, enjoy it.


• Want more tasty Add some vegetable stock instead the water.
• No soup mix, you can use brown rice or some grain what you like or just make the soup without it and serve with some cooked pasta.

If you are vegetarianism, avoid the Worcestershire sauce, use light soy sauce instead.

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