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How to Make Powdered Sugar | 5 Minute Baking Tip

How to Make Powdered Sugar right at home for those moments when you just need some in a pinch! Takes less than 5 minutes to DIY and can be done ahead of time. Be sure to watch the whole video with my pro tips before you make your own 🙂






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  1. U SLIME TIME *_* says:

    1:51 video started

  2. Creative Gaming-With Simran says:

    Perfect!! It worked!

  3. Anime YT❣️ says:

    So pretty

  4. Elie Quinones says:

    Wondering if you can use potato starch?

  5. Brandon m says:

    if you go to dollar tree they have sugar about a pound

  6. peggy easton says:

    ruining the sugar by adding starch

  7. Fr3ak says:

    Am I the only one that would take a measuring spoon and put tons of powdered sugar in there?

  8. nellyalayon says:

    This saved me today, My Husband Wanted Pastellios De Guave With Powder Sugar 💪💪🤜🏼🤜🏼Thank You So Much

  9. Stoned Mermaid says:

    Yeah I really need to make powdered sugar cuz I’m having a horrible day and I’m making oatmeal cookies and I need icing and my wig is off and don’t feel like leaving the house it’s cold

  10. tangsang limbu says:

    Just put some in a grinder and run it!

  11. unpopular existence says:

    anyone else just wondering how- I mean granulated sugar is already a fine texture and the blade from a blender is quite big for a fine texture to be powdered. Okay nvm😩

  12. Nesh Vyrllene says:

    Now I can make Macarons yeeyyyy

  13. Kitty Player says:

    Thank you so much this recipe REALLY helped

  14. I’m Not Aesthetic ;v; says:

    Simple: just blend the sugar until it’s powder

  15. Ahwud Algaz says:


  16. Jacqui Pells says:

    Thank you

  17. Dane Freel says:

    Wow thanks

  18. rebeka sultana says:

    It’s really easy

  19. MADISON TINEO says:

    Or you can mix sugar , carnation milk and regular milk and done 🙂 your welcome

  20. SlimeIsOurs says:

    Thanks I was trieing to make vanilla cake i didn't have powdered sugar but now I do

  21. xena warrior says:

    I don't have white sugar only unrefined brown cane sugar when I blended it, it turned into white powdered sugar, this was so helpful thanks, I'm learning so much tricks and recipes in this quarantine, hi from Barbados🇧🇧

  22. Miyah Ly’daisha says:

    I was tryna make cinnamon rolls but I didn’t have powdered sugar 😂

  23. Kayla Cooper says:

    Is there any other way I could make powdered sugar without a blender bc I’m making something late at night and I don’t wanna wake them up with a blender

  24. Andrew Nel says:

    I want to use it for rocket fuel because it is lock down

  25. JP November says:

    I am save! TY.

  26. Adeola Peace says:

    Wow thank you. This is very helpful.

  27. zay says:

    Thank you i was making sugar cookies but i didn't have icing sugar for the icing but u helped me a lot 🙂

  28. Loyal roof says:

    thank you so very much 🌹

  29. lalanie slosson says:

    Did this work?

  30. HotelInnHeirs says:

    Your whiter then powdered sugar

  31. not cannon2.2 says:

    0:39 u forgot to also mention u need views

  32. Lorielie Namalata-Sera says:

    Thanks for the tip! I needed it for my carrot cake, you literally saved dessert! 🙂

  33. Jessa_Teriyakichicken says:


  34. West Park says:

    I cant believe 8,800 ppl are so dumb, to applaud someone who "discovers" that powder sugar is actually ground sugar…. what next: did you know ppl, that if you take rock salt (like ice-cream salt) and you grind it, you get POWDER SALT!!! I am GENIUS!!! Well, you elected tRump for president, so, why should I be surprised???

  35. Lazy Cloud Opal says:

    thank you so much 😊!! I was watching other videos telling me that I need cornstarch 😒 which I am avoiding because of how unhealthy it is – so I assumed I needed that to actually make it.

  36. Loisa Esconde says:

    Thank you for the tip😍😘

  37. it’s._.cloudy says:

    I know I’m 4 years late but….
    Why are you guys hating on her?? This is the only good video I found on how to make powdered sugar, I couldn’t understand any other video!
    I’m liking the video! 👍

  38. Mystery girls Team says:

    Can I please get pinned, Tessa? I really need it now, because I’m kinda bored in quarantine , and I love 💕 your smile too!
    I love how it is soooooooooooo easy to make, and so snow ❄️ like.

  39. P a s t e l says:

    5 minute crafts could never-

  40. J.ulie's Random Show says:

    Just what I need! 😍 thank you!

  41. peachy skiess says:


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