How Long Does Milk Last After the Expiration Date?


We know it does a body good.

But how long is it good for?

Sell by and “Best if Used By” dates can be confusing.

Just make sure you’re not throwing it out too soon and wasting money.

You wouldn’t be alone since 78% of buyers throw out milk and other dairy products once the date on the label has passed, according to the National Science Foundation.

Before we break it down, Healthline points out most milks can be consumed several days past the date on the label.

Best if used by, sell by and use by are all recommendations from the Food and Drug Administration about quality, not necessarily safety.

Translation; the printed date is all about when the quality will start to decline.

It doesn’t mean milk needs to be tossed right after the date passes.

But a dietician tells CBS News, expiration dates mean what they say; toss the items if they haven’t been used by this date.

The extended fridge life is because milk is pasteurized, killing the bacteria.

That’s why most milk in the U.S. has a three-week shelf life.

But it can last another week if it passes the sniff test.

A registered dietician and nutritionist tells NBC News it’s usually fine to have milk if it doesn’t stink and is only a week past the sell-by date.

That’s in line with the Dairy Council of California, which is a bit stricter, suggesting 5-7 days past the sell-by date.

Just as long as it’s stored at the right temperature.

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Healthline cites food experts who say it should hover around 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Finally, don’t let it sit out for more than two hours.

Otherwise you increase the risk of foodborne illness.

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Humble Qua

I got my favorite and my milk expired 😭🤦🏾‍♂️

Santwan Draws

I watched this after drinking a chocolate Mike that expired in March of 2019

Shaun Serrano

just made a banana milkshake with milk a day after expiration date gg

Stevie - Gi

I accidentally drank a 3 day expired milk. I hear what you're saying but I'm just gonna play it safe and not drink more. 😳


I got scared when he said it’s erious I think I’m gonna pass out

Wow thanks I'm over here sitting on my couch drinking milk for some reason 😂

Elijah Contreras

eating cereal with my 3 day expired milk like if u are too

nixpure _

bruh i was worried bc im drinking milk that expired today but now i realize how stupid i sound lmao

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