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Probiotics Benefits + Myths | Improve Gut Health | Doctor Mike

This week’s episode is all about probiotics benefits and myths. The discovery of the microbiome has started off a huge cascade of new research as well as the launch of some questionable health products. I think that the idea that we are covered inside and out by bacteria, with the majority of it being helpful, is pretty mind-blowing.

I decided to make this video because I’ve seen your comments and questions on the subject, usually in the in the form of “how can I improve my gut?” Also, I’ve noticed that my patients have begun taking these supplements to cure everything from a weight gain, to a weakened immune system to acne.

As you probably already know I am a healthy skeptic and believe that just because we see some correlations between disease and good bacteria it is not as simple as putting those bacteria into a capsule. I firmly believe in the next 20-30 years we will unlock some fascinating secrets about our gut that will redefine how we think about our health.

If there’s something that you’re curious about and would like me to explore in a video, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We’ve got some really great videos coming up in the next
few weeks so be sure to subscribe to stay up to date! Love you all!

– Doctor Mike Varshavski

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  1. Dr abdul Muthalib says:

    Thoughts on probiotics to assist with acne and folliculitis. Folliculitis which I believe got worser due to 10 years of on and off being on 5-6 antibiotics to control my acne. I believe I now suffer from gram positive folliculitis. Which I am hoping to to cure with probiotics.

  2. A. P says:

    Milk kefir/ Water kefir grains!

  3. Romelia Armstrong says:

    Morning you make me 😆🤣 with your emotions video funny 😄😆

  4. Curvy Chelle McShorty says:

    Me: survives on 2-3 hrs sleep a night, obese, stressed, depressed, anxious, eating tons of refined carbs, fatty foods and having the worst digestive health of my life….

    Me: Watches Doctor Mike : 💡💡 that makes total sense!

    Thanks Doctor Mike!!

  5. ajrt2118 says:

    Aww, man. I've just started a mostly plant-based and pescatarian-based diet like 6 weeks ago and the fiber is killing me. I usually don't take probiotic supplements, but it's not getting better and my dietician suggested that I eat less yogurt. I'll try anything at this point and I think you know as well after going plant-based for 3 days. LOL

  6. Kassi Arebalo says:

    is that a Newfoundland?!! ❤❤❤❤

  7. brownpunk says:

    No offense but yeah I'm really getting sick of all these "studies" only to be told that the results are "inconclusive due to insufficient evidence" back to square one

  8. Faisal Husain says:

    Everyone knows… stress isn't good our body.. allopathic medicine is not good our body…so diet is the best doctor..what to eat and what to ignore..😂

  9. psidud says:

    Sounds like it's time to just get rid of the digestive system and just inject nutrients.


    Great video. Thank you!

  11. G39x says:

    For general people, eat some fermented foods. For prevention of C.diff, I tell patients to take probiotics between their doses to help replenish the microbiome that was just "destroyed" by the antibiotic

  12. Ryan W. Bailey says:

    The symbiote strain is making me hungry. Hahahaha. (Venom) jokes 🤣

  13. Meg Y says:

    Dr Mike I am 2 years post treatment for Cervical Cancer. I had radiation & chemo.
    The pelvic radiation has caused me to have a lot of digestive issues, stomach pain and diarrhea most days. Doctor said I could try a probiotic. Which would you recommend?

  14. Gabriella says:

    I have colitis ulcerosa and thanks to my elderly ignorant doctor who said to "look it up on the internet", I know very little of this condition. And let me tell you, the internet is a scary thing. Anyway, I talked to a dietician who was far more nicer. But when she said to start taking probiotics, I just rolled my eyes. 2 years after my diagnosis I'm still somewhat unconvinced I have colitis, simply because I have different symptoms that most people have. But now I'm rethinking taking some probiotics, because I'm still bleeding despite taking medication, which doesn't seem to be doing anything. And yeah I guess I should stop eating so much processed food but it's hard changing my diet. I manage for a few months than I relapse, because life is stressful and I always console myself with shitty food. -.-

  15. Jilly C says:

    I've found sleep and bowel issues improved 100% since starting to take probiotics. I was already eating a very healthy diet. Yes more research is required, but for me it's been life changing.

  16. jestness j says:

    7m subs? Wow. And i JUST discovered him

  17. Russ__ Tooreal says:

    Is probiotic yogurt good for the gut when taking antibiotics or should I try something else?

  18. Patrick Kaples says:

    Why’d you ignore kombucha!?!?!?

  19. BIT Productions says:

    you didnt have to say theyre farting on our teeth but you did

  20. Saphiria TheBlueDragonKnight says:

    Hmm. So it was my medicine causing my stomach issues. I've been on an antibiotic since I was two. Growing up I never had issues. Then as I fully matured into an adult problems in my gut started to happen. My doctor suggested a fiber supplement. That, along with yogurt, has really helped.

  21. Danny Hassler says:

    Had multiple doctor's that wanted me to take the supplements but according to them I would only benefit from those priced at $40 or more per bottle.
    You recommend legumes but you did not mention that some individuals like myself who have a compromised system are unable to digest things like beans, nuts, corn and even sweet potatoes due to 30 year battle with Crohn's.
    Things like fermented cabbage are not tolerable to my system due to the Crohn's and GERD.

  22. xenox39xz the nerd says:

    I like how he makes memes in the nek minit

  23. Megan Cunningham says:

    Great info!….I think the challenge of not over-using antibiotics is that, at least in my experience, they seemed to be prescribed even when the doctor doesn't know if its bacterial. So how should I as a non-medical professional be able to determine if I am "over-using" antibiotics? Another question – I use probiotics when taking antibiotics and maybe a day or so after. I find that helpful in reducing GI side effects from antibiotics. Is that okay to do? You mentioned using it for diarrhea cause by antibiotics but not always when taking them.

  24. Bryce Marsaglia says:

    Well… that's probably why I've been constipated and gassy… I've been stressed to the max lately getting little sleep so I get the quick sugary snacks and bad refined carbs for food. Yeah… salads and yogurt for a few days with some good sleep.

  25. Andrew Hooper says:

    I'm going to guess the ticks and parasites don't think they won.

  26. Scarlett Palacios says:

    I wanna know more about the enteric-coated capsules, ¿how do we know that?

  27. BizzyIzzy87 says:

    Suffering for a while now by over taking pro biotics for no reason.

  28. Love Lyrics says:

    In short do yoga

  29. pravoslavnik says:

    This guy presents like a pushy actor/salesman, rather than a professional medical man.

  30. jessella benedict says:

    I've also read that changing your diet an eating healthy can keep you from getting sick, or depressed an anxiety. An in children help with their mind in the way the act. Helping with behavior issues

  31. Eyuppaduppadu Eyuppaduppadu says:

    I love Bear. Seeing him makes me smile ❤

  32. Joost Van Rens says:

    Everybody's winning…. Except the ticks and parasites.

  33. Mark Villanova says:

    I’d let Dr. Mike be my doctor- never seriously.

  34. Huntsy says:

    what about drinks like Kombucha

  35. plume says:

    how about those people who consume yakult? it was commercialized with live good bacteria and good for your stomach

  36. Raul Santiago says:

    I can watch you all day 😍

  37. Sueng Kei Lau says:

    I wish I never knew this part of knowledge! Now I feel like I have to shower 10 times a day!! But thanks for the info!

  38. DisasterFalls says:

    Can you do a video on all the reasons a person might have chronic pain. Possibly some associated with more pain during winter, always feeling cold, weak, fatigued, sleep disturbed, burning pain, numbness and tingling, eye pain, aches, rashes, itching, cold hands/feet.

  39. Marianyeliz Rodriguez says:

    How long does it take to see probiotics work for symptoms such as mild candida yiest n bad breath ?

  40. daviD ian henley Senior david says:


  41. Sarah Bacon says:

    When I was 1st diagnosed with celiac disease and my doctor was working on repairing my gut, he had me take probiotics for a while. But now that my gut's better than it used to be, I no longer need to take probiotics.

  42. Ahmi says:

    Leaky guts issue treatment food and precautions please help dr

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