You're Doing It All Wrong – How to Make Mashed Potatoes

Sunset magazine food editor Margo True has learned the rights and wrongs of mashed potatoes from a reliable source—her mother. Here, she demonstrates the wrong way (undercooking waxy potatoes, skimping on the cream, or, horror of all horrors, employing a food processor to mash) and the right way (using russet or Yukon Gold potatoes, cooking them as long as possible, drying them over heat before adding lots of cream, and topping with herbs). This approach elevates mashed potatoes to their rightful status as much more than a side dish.
Don’t beat yourself up too much, everyone makes mistakes. To avoid making them in the future, bone up with a few videos from the You’re Doing It All Wrong playlist:

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Russell Brown

I happen to like stiff, chunky mashed potatoes. I only use butter so they'll be extra stiff.

Joshua Hatfield Armijo

All I can say is that the Title really suits the video out.


That's a different dish than what I understand by 'mashed potatoes'

Chris Jones

Make them twice a week and be dead by 42 of a massive heart attack with cream filled arteries!!

John Crocker

And I think the majority has been said. Up until the cream they were good.

Ana Zhidova

Way too much cream, potatoes are really soft after cooking you could get away with 1/4 cup of cream or milk and still have them turn out good.


Stop. Stop. Just stop………. You had me at fluffy. You had me at fluffy…………………….


I make my mashed potatoes in the instant pot now and it’s so much easier. You can set the timer so you can leave house and they don’t start cooking until your almost home , then when I get home they are ready to mash.


You're the reason people think white people eat bland shitty food. This belongs in an old folks home served to people with no teeth and no taste buds.

Gareth john wayne

My family would punch me in the face if I made that

My Channel

If she put them on a plate, this video would be more popular… they looked really good.


That looks like white diarrhoea. Can a potato put up with this sort of abuse?
Easy & way better, boil til cooked, mash them with a bit of butter & salt, then add olive oil & BIT of cream then whisk with a fork until creamy.
Her way all the cows couldn't possibly supply enough milk.

Tyshelle Nettles

Wow the cream and the comments just pissed me off! Way to much cream bad piece of advice. Can’t even cook the cream down smh

WTH this recipe is wrong on so many levels. how are you actually trying to teach people how to cook? you can definitely overcook potatoes when boiling and you can also overmix them making them yummy.

dont listen to this lady people. #thumbsdown

A Hamilton

Recipe worked for me I drown them.. not as much as her but to each their own. Taylor it. I use this for years. Doing it all right. Thanks.

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