Make-Ahead Apple Pie – Gemma's Bold Baking Basics Ep 32


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Hi Bold Bakers! The holidays are upon us so I have a few simple Bold Baking Tips for make-ahead desserts including a recipe for an easy Apple Pie. And don’t forget to tune into my LIVE Streaming Event on YouTube this Thursday at 8:30am PST for a new Mug Recipe, Q&A and more! So let’s get baking!

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* Crock Pot Apple Pie Filling:
* Perfect Pie Crust:



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Namrata Lal Dahiya

I just love your all videos and have tried some recipes, turned out very good. Today I’m gonna make apple crumble pie, thank u so much.

Andri Ratna Sari

We had Apple pie crumble for Eid feast. It was awesome and please the whole family. Thank you Gemma for the recipe. I followed your guidance from crust, filling , crumble. Delicious!!😍😍😍

Celi Stars

Im gonna make a pecan pie and I'm using ur pie crust recipe, the pecan pie video I saw cooks the pie crust first before adding the pican mix, do I need to do that with this crust or can I just put the filling on the frozen pie crust and put them in the oven together?

raiza sandra corpus

Hi Gemma , can i add almond flour instead of all purpose flour to the crumbs? Thanks

Hana Saeed

Hey Gemma! Such a nice recipe and I actually tried it out 🙂 It just came out a bit too sour. Do you suggest I add more sugar, or use normal apples rather than granny smith?

Nasheed Jafri

Hi Gemma! I made a lattice topping for my pie and the top part got baked but the part of the lattice that goes under and the parts that are doubled (in the sense that they are not just lying on top of the filling but they’re lying on top of another strip), they don’t get baked. And when I try to get them baked properly, the tops burn. 😞 Can you please suggest something?

Ellyana Widjaja

hi Gemma. just want to ask some question… i leave my pie crust n apple filling for 1 week inside fridge and the apple turn to brown color and pie crust kinda a bit greyish. is it still save to use? is it supposed to be like that, if its not what did i do wrong. thank you


Great tip on freezing the crumble, Gemma! I added some blanched walnuts, almonds, and a large pinch of cinnamon to my crumble topping. It worked perfectly for my pie, and it wasde delicious!

Last time I made apple pie it was a mess! Lol, hopefully this year is a little better

Jessica Nunes

Hi Gemma! Can I freeze the whole pie already assembled and then take it out straight into the oven? If so, for how long should I bake and at what temperature? Thanks =)


hey! I've only recently become a "bold-baker" lol but I LOVE! your easy and delicious recipes! I was wondering, what are the must-have items/ingredients you always keep on hand or in your pantry? I mean, besides the basic salt, pepper, flour, and sugar? Any nuts? Any certain cooking utensils? Any spices that you always have? anything lol thanks for all the awesome things I've learned so far and am continuing to learn!!! ^_^ your tips, recipes, and insights are amazing!!!!

Rachel 101

plz make homemade jam/jelly 🍒 flavour or anything u like

Ramin Khan

Hey Gemma ,
Where Did You Get Your Sweater ,
My Mum Was Asking That ,
Hope You Will Answer ,
BTW I Love The Apple Pie ,
Thanks For Sharing .

Huda Khalil

hi gemma….i loooovvveeee ur videos….but where can i get the measurements?


Can you please do a video on a traditional pecan pie recipe? I'm dying to make one, and your videos are my favorite!

Seema Nawathe

dear gemma you were live few days ago but I could not connect so could not talk to you live , just a little request,plz show some cake pasteries andpie withsugar free as I'm diabetic any thing that would have a low Glycemic Index preparation Thank you

Linda Jensen

This absolutely pairs great with the homemade icecream that you shared earlier in another video, and since then I've made at least six different icecream creations

Sa True

I wanted this recipe but the page never loads, someone has it?, please 🙁


3 wonderful tips. you are always helping us. so delicious, thank you for sharing. merry Christmas 🎄🎍🎇🎆

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