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10 Ways to Apple Pie With Erin Jeanne McDowell | NYT Cooking

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Basic Short-Crust Pastry:

One pie filling. Endless — well, 10 — ways to apple pie. Follow along as Erin Jeanne McDowell, cookbook author and recipe developer (and pie queen), takes us on a baking adventure ending with cobblers, fried apple pies and even sundaes. Choose your own path!




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  1. Maximillian Coghlan says:

    Can confirm: this is the best go-to apple pie filling out there. Trust in Erin.

  2. Posti4 Posti4 says:

    I have a porch Erin! We could be neighbors I like pie!!

  3. Barbara Heikkinen says:

    Howabout an apple pie double crust oven temp?

  4. Jennifer Cuddy says:

    I love her book. It’s hands down the only book you will ever need for anything related to pies. It’s a class, not a book. 😊

  5. pressed says:

    i wish i was her neighbour!

  6. iris Lee says:

    I would eat anything she makes. I don’t even like peach cobbler but she made it look sooo good.

  7. Gretchen Haddox says:

    Love her reaction to the fried apple 🍎 pie! 🤣 I’ve done that! Food that makes you cheer! How can you not try it!

  8. Brandi Lee says:

    Erin, I could watch you all day long!

  9. Barbara Rey-Constantin says:

    I love how she is so enthusiastic about teaching baking. 🙂

  10. Jill Becker says:

    Erin your the best! Got your book and love it! 💕 it’s the best pie book I’ve ever read…Thank you! 😷💕👍🏻

  11. Kay Kad says:

    So how do you use these in an apple pie? Do you bake them at the same time and temperature of an apple pie with raw filling?

  12. Joanne F says:

    I would like to suggest the video producers invest in some good sound equipment.

  13. Luciana Godri says:

    This girl ❤️

  14. Chiquita GoneBananaz says:

    Literally no direction in this

  15. ryan Amari says:

    Ohhh pie ohh my

  16. Kai Schimpf says:

    The fried one reminds me of the McDonalds Apple Pie

  17. SianChristina says:

    This is great but she really needs a clip on microphone, I found it quite hard to hear the audio

  18. Gideon Hill says:

    LOL!!! When you raised your arms after tasting the fried pies, you became my new favorite food personality! Great vid and great ideas.

  19. Kat says:

    I love how this is almost certainly her home kitchen but there’s a metro shelf and a speed rack. Chef cred right there!

  20. Betty jo Cohagen says:


  21. J. Hebert says:

    Do u have to parbake the bottom crust first when making an apple pie?

  22. Regina Honore says:

    Great video. What are the amounts of each ingredient?

  23. Jackie Edler says:

    Fried Apple Pie?? If I was to make it but twice as big maybe three times as big could I bake it in oven instead as well??????

  24. Jasmine Berry says:

    I just cut my apples in half and place them face down, and bake them at 250 to 280 F degrees, then scoop the meat out of the skins once cooled superior apples so tender sweet chucks of apple, we even get a sticky caramel like stuff from the apples.

  25. Patricia Maria says:

    Que pena que no lo subtitules❤️🇵🇪

  26. Patricia Maria says:

    Se ve riquísimo

  27. Robert Edwards says:

    ERIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love her 🙂

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