Horse Tail: The Weed of Nightmares

by Jaelyn Conley

Given the character of this plant; if left unchecked in your backyard and within the excessive it’s going to destroy your home.

As I write this, it’s early March and Horse Tail is deep down within the floor abiding its time to burst forth and plague you another time.

Horsetail widespread title: Equisetum

Description: Perennial plant with hole, jointed inexperienced stems, and small scale-like leaves.

It appears to be like like a small christmas tree, 4 to eight inches excessive.

Historical past:

You’ll not discover something in your backyard that has extra historical past than Horsetail.

As far we will inform, these early Horsetails had been 30 meters tall and lined the land for 100 million years. Horsetail was a part of the Paleozoic forests about 542 million years in the past.

The Equisetum household group are understand as a ‘dwelling fossils’ as they’re the distinctive dwelling examples of the dwelling fossils.

So, how come Horsetail, has gone from 30 meters tall to being 20-40 cm tall?

The time of the being nice timber ended with an period generally known as Permian- Triassic extinction incident. A disaster know because the “Nice Dying”. This was the best mass annihilation within the historical past of the Earth.

The occasion passed off 252 million years in the past and it worn out 90% of species of the time. However not, nevertheless Horsetail, which continues to be going sturdy.

Soil Sort:

I first met this plant on a tennis court docket the place I noticed it rising up by way of the tarmac. This may inform you that HorseTail will develop in all kinds of soils and non soils, in reality. The plant does favour damp soils in the primary.

The vegetation black stems go down a number of meters and creep in all instructions underneath floor. The plant is what is named, a gymnosperm, which means non-flowering. It spreads by casting spores which develop up in spring.

Let me inform you a narrative:

My neighbor, right here in Oxford needed to increase his home. He couldn’t go upwards, due to peak restriction right here within the metropolis and he couldn’t go sideways as a result of his home lined all of the land that he owed.

Nonetheless, to not be outdone; he determined to go downwards.

So he dug down, underneath his home for shut to fifteen toes. He then stopped and waited for well-nigh a month deciding how one can proceed.

It was early summer season and when he subsequent went down into his ” cellar’ he noticed a small inexperienced shoot rising within the soil.

He known as me in to establish it and positive sufficient it was horsetail, simply ready its likelihood to develop. Been ready there all these years deep down underneath his home!


There are none that I do know of. Come warmth/dry/ice/flood, this plant simply retains on going.

And The Purpose You Are Studying This Is: How To Kill It.

The lengthy and the wanting it’s: you can’t kill Horsetail. Nonetheless, don’t despair as a result of you may management or not less than, hold it in examine.

What you want is plan and plenty of sufferers.

Earlier than you begin on a plan you should perceive the make-up of the plant.

Horsetail has survived so lengthy due to its construction. It has a silica wealthy layer and really small needles as leaves.

That is how the plant protects itself from outdoors parts. There is no such thing as a spray that may kill it out proper.

Horse Tail has additionally made itself toxic to eat uncooked, so grazing animals will evade it.

The plant has a really deep and multiplex root system, which makes cultural management strategies paltry.

In different phrases, you can’t dig it out as a result of it goes so deep and the smallest root fragment left will develop into a brand new plant. So any tillage technique will multiply your downside.

If you want use chemical substances, there’s a product known as “Kurtail”. That is offered by an organization that’s discovered on the net: UK telephone quantity 0800 032 6262

There is no such thing as a chemical or enduring impact on the soil from the remedy. A liter of Kurtail value £20 plus postage.

I’ve seen this used and it took three days to destroy the plant. Nonetheless, the horsetail was again once more the next spring, when you’ll need to spray it once more.

Don’t waste your cash with every other chemical. None of them work, and that excludes “round-up”

Best time to spray Kurtail is the plant is actively rising ( April-October)

Handbook Management

Right here is my natural killer recipe: I fill an oil can with undiluted vinegar and squirt the vinegar on the backside of the plant, simply the place it goes into the bottom, in order that the plant will get drink.

After two days the plant is useless.

I’ve been doing this on my allotment for seven years and I discover that I can management it.I’m going around the plot each Friday in search of out new development.

It will get much less and fewer yearly.

It’s the acid content material that makes the vinegar helpful as a weed killer. vinegar is a non-selective liquid that may kill any plant that it comes into contact with, so watch out what plant it comes into contact with.

In the event you want to apply it to different weeds accomplish that as a result of it really works very properly, nevertheless the sooner in Spring you do it the higher.

Don’t assume; as soon as is sufficient. Preserve at it each week to 10 days.

When vinegar is used, it’s consumed by the plant by way of the leaves and drawn to its roots earlier than it assaults the weed’s core and kills the weed.

After I make a mix to spray on weeds: I exploit the strongest vinegar I can discover and add a splash of fairy liquid. I put this into a twig bottle and apply to the weed leaves.

Find out how to Use Horse Tail

First off, do bear in mind that if eaten uncooked, Horsetail is toxic. In the event you devour plenty of this plant it will possibly trigger a unfastened of vitamin B complicated so it’s fairly poisonous. The reason being as a result of Horsetail accommodates an enzyme known as thiaminase, this may trigger extreme well being issues.

That being mentioned: Horsetail (being a herb) is used fairly extensively as a medical help.

You can also make a tea with it, and that may assist:

painful swelling




urinary infections

kidney cleaning

If in case you have lung issues like:

respiratory issues



bronchial asthma

cleansing waste that will of constructed up in your lungs

Consuming the tea additionally helps when you undergo from things like: osteoporosis or weak bones.

The checklist is infinite. Additionally speak to your physician earlier than beginning consuming Horses Tail tea.

You do not need to make your personal. You should purchase this tea from:

My very own expertise of utilizing Horses Tail is:

I undergo with bronchitis (the results of working for years on farms and inhaling hay spores)

Understanding concerning the goodness of Horse Tail, I went to a herbalist and he makes me a mix up which I drink on a every day. (5 ml three time a day) I’ve being doing this since 2010.

I can breath simply and it’s definitely higher than what the physician would give me; an antibiotic.

If you wish to get wealthy slowly

Horse Tail has very deep roots and goes all the way down to feed on minerals which are unavailable to different vegetation.

One among these minerals is Gold. Nonetheless, no person has each discovered sufficient to make it value whereas

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