Home-made Mayonnaise

Home-made Mayo is one of those indescribable culinary pleasures. If you have a stick blender or regular blender, you CAN make your own mayo! So much cheaper, AND way more delicious, you must give this a try.


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This works EVERY time. I tried a couple of recipes from other places but they failed. Came out runny…I'll never cheat on you again!!!

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I started with 2 egg yolk plus 1 tspof dijon mustard and oil at very low speed wisk. It was great and I added 1 cup of oil drop by drop and it was great thick mayo. But then I added 1 tbsp of White distilled vinegar that when it kind of split and become watery. Any suggestions!

I could NEVER make mayonnaise UNTIL this video. Honestly. This is a great never-fail technique! I thank you so much! I think that the secret magic key to this being a never-fail is the base diameter of the cup matching the tip of the blender. Thank you again.

I've tried several mayo recipes with varying degrees of success. All of them admonished against adding the oil too quickly, so despite my trust of Chef John, I was apprehensive about this method. He has once again proved himself to be a culinary hero. Thank you, Chef John!

I tried this technique THREE times and it kept breaking. Finally, I used only one cup of total oil and it was better but still not great. Maybe I need another egg yolk?

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