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by Jaelyn Conley

In our first article of these sequence, Good Eats, we launched you to the ultimate considered cooking in your parrots, make it simple, and gave you some quick recipes to use on. On this text, we’re going to broaden further upon that idea, and introduce some additional good tasting recipes in your birds. For this model, we wanted to present consideration to non-cooked meals devices, such as a result of the infamous 7-layer salad, stuffed fruits & veggies, and totally different healthful concepts.

The 7 Layer Salad

Layer 1 (bottom layer) – chopped greens, which might be numerous each week. One week, use collard greens and parsley and mustard greens, and the combo it up by way of using Swiss chard, kale and dandelion greens.

Layer 2 – chopped (1/4 to 1/2 inch cubes) inexperienced greens, along with any of the subsequent: Brussels sprouts, zucchini and totally different summer season squash, jicama, purple or inexperienced peppers, current scorching peppers, chayote squash, inexperienced beans, current peas, cucumber, celery, anise root, and plenty of others.

Layer 3 – chopped broccoli and shredded carrots

Layer 4 – dry, uncooked pasta. This may absorb various the moisture from the combo and soften correctly.

Layer 5 – cooked beans. It’s endorsed to utilize a 13 or 17 bean soup bag mix, which is soaked in a single day, rinsed, after which carry to a boil and put together dinner for about 25 minutes, then drained.

Layer 6 – a mixture of chopped apples, oranges and whole grapes

Layer 7 – frozen blended greens.

Sprouted Seed

Sprouted seed is an sometimes missed or underused methodology of getting your chicken to eat extra wholesome. Sprouting seeds is a quite simple, fairly fingers off train that doesn’t comprise various time the least bit.

Provides needed:

1. A container to hold your sprouts. An enormous mouth makes it quite a bit less complicated to get the sprouts out.

2. A sq. of cheesecloth or totally different show display to cowl the mouth (makes it less complicated to rinse your sprouts).

3. A rubber band to hold to cheesecloth to the container.

4. A small dish to set the sprout container on.

Pour dry seeds and/or beans into container. Don’t fill the container larger than 20% — sprouts will enhance in amount as a lot as 5 cases as they develop.

Place the cheesecloth extreme of the container & secure it with the rubber band. You’ll be capable of reduce the cheesecloth to swimsuit the container mouth, nonetheless it ought to nonetheless be large enough to be secured by the rubber band all of the best means spherical.

Pour cool water by way of the cheesecloth and into the container. Swirl it spherical, after which slowly pour off the water. Refill the container with water, let it soak for various hours, after which drain. (This preliminary soaking is to hydrate the beans/seeds. After this time, do NOT depart the sprout container filled with water — they’re going to drown!)

Set the container the unsuitable means up on the dish. This may keep the sprouts utterly glad and moist as they develop. Rinse the sprouts twice a day with cool or tepid water. The rest of the time, depart the container sitting the unsuitable means up on the dish. Inside 3 or 4 days…they’re ready!

Stuffed Meals

Trying to incorporate additional current meals into your birds consuming routine, nonetheless not sure do it? This recipe was submitted by a fellow chicken proprietor, and quickly caught on in popularity.

You must:

1 skewer

1 current fruit or veggie (one factor like an apple or current bell pepper is admittedly helpful)

Combination of chopped up veggie/fruit mix

Wash the fruit/veggie utterly, and core. Make certain that to remove all seeds. Fill core of merchandise collectively together with your mix. Place whole stuffed veggie/fruit on skewer, and dangle in chicken cage. For the ‘filling’ that you must use one thing from seed, to chopped fruit/veggie mix, cooked meals merchandise, or mash. This gives day prolonged leisure for the chicken as a result of it chews the delicious ‘exterior’ of the fruit/veggie to get to the irresistible inside stuffing! That’s good for birds that are thought-about ‘superior’ foragers.

We hope this has been one different informational study for you in our Good Eats sequence. Proceed to study, and be at liberty to print off these articles to remain in your recipe e-book (in case you’ve gotten one. If not, this can be very actually helpful to begin out one!) for future use.

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