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Easy Frozen Vegetable Side Dish – Low Carb & Keto Meal Prep

Frozen veggies can be a quick and easy solution for a healthy side dish. Broccoli, cauliflower and carrots make a classic mix. We’ve also added a bit of green peas to change up the flavor and consistency, as a lot of people are not big fans of broccoli/cauliflower flavors.

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  1. itzeatzeutze says:

    Thank you. I think I'm going to cook this. Keep going, i really like your content 🙂

  2. Hackster says:

    Spreez did u invent this dish??

  3. Jaksa Vv says:

    Znaci ovo je supeerrr,moja majka je ovo napravila i svi smo se odusevili,hvala brate

  4. MaineBro says:


  5. Sriram Cherukuri says:

    You are actually chopping vegetables very good

  6. paineforever says:

    Cooking it right now

  7. JstxCoffee says:

    So , next video ABS workout 😁

  8. victor staniste says:

    Do you usually eat low carb? and if yes, whats the reasoning behind it?

  9. Apex Hassan says:

    We need more content like this 🥰😍

  10. Obaidul Hasan says:

    I tried to control my self but what to do? I am really falling on that plate that you decorate with those delicious food.

  11. LEON BLACK - ليون بلاك says:

    actualy i dont watch cooking videos but now i like it because you are a special chief keep up spreeezy i love your videos and of course i guess you make lazanya in the next time goodluck bro

  12. The Nokte Guy says:

    One video was okay
    But now it seems like a cooking channel.
    sorry, but I love to watch your gameplay.

  13. Andyys says:

    Keto is bullshit, especially when your body can't handle ketosis! Much better to eat moderate carbs 100-150gr and lots of protein 200gr+! And add some workout SpreEezy😉

  14. Mon Strome says:

    what else can we put in there ? lol thats my type of cooking

  15. Bottle Flipper says:


  16. Pratik Patel says:

    Finally someone using pubg Pan

  17. Raj Trivedi says:

    I feel like I am gonna be cook by the end of 2020. Btw I have a crazy proposal. If you wanna learn any new veg recipes I can hook you up. You will find many new recipes which you might like

  18. evrmore says:

    how are you spreezy? it's been a while since the last time i watched you, seems like a lot of things have changed around here!

  19. Parvinder Kumar says:

    Where the eating part?😅

  20. Parvinder Kumar says:

    Your future wife is so lucky 😄

  21. Burner918 says:

    I won't lie, I'm getting hooked to Spreeezy cooking videos. Keep it going, man. Love it.

  22. Vikalp Maithil says:

    Chef SprEEEzy with his Cooking vids

  23. きおし-Kioshi says:

    Im hungry

  24. Shawn ZX says:

    Oh wow spreezy is now doing cooking show!

  25. Ghaith Ayech says:

    looks good hahaha <3

  26. Adib SADMAN says:

    I'm gonna defs try this myself

  27. Asnib says:


  28. Isaac haxton says:

    What about a cheese stake or go out and get some fast food

  29. Nil Mahajan says:

    sprEEEzy fitness

  30. RIZKY 17 says:


  31. EDM I love says:


  32. Dewald Terblans says:

    Hi sprEERzy

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