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Salmon Meunier Bento (Ep.16 / 100 Quick & Easy Bento Recipes)

Salmon Meunier Bento (Ep.16 / 100 Quick & Easy Bento Recipes)

== Ingredients (2 servings) ==
Salmon Fillets 2
Olive Oil 1TBSP
Flour 1-2TBSP
Butter 2tsp
Salt&Pepper 1tsp

== Directions ==
1. Rub in salt and pepper to both sides of the salmon fillets. If your salmon is pre seasoned, this step is unnecessary.
2. Wipe off any water off of the salmon fillets using a paper towel
3. Lightly dust both sides of the salmon with flour. Don’t coat them too thick, you only want a thin layer of flour on all sides.
4. Heat a pan on medium heat and spread olive oil
5. Place the salmon fillet on the pan, and cook until you can see the color of the salmon has changed half way through on the side
6. Flip the salmon over, wipe off excess oil from the pan, and add in the butter. Turn off heat, and its done.

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  1. Mestiza Tagalog eatery vlogs says:

    Your bento box Amazon page does not exist I would like to see you close the bento box, some of the content in your other videos seems like you can't close the bento box without smooshing the food

  2. misuta confusing says:

    one day when i am a dad i will try to make bento lunches for my children

  3. Punam Kumari says:

    Its yummy 😋

  4. Chili B says:

    Does the salmon get re-heated such as in the microwave when its time to eat? Or is it usually eaten cold?

  5. Ryoko007 says:

    This is the best Japanese english speaking youtube channel ever! its easy to make japanese recipes in english! Thank you so much! My daughter loves bentos, but most bento recipes on youtube are so difficult to make and time consuming. But even she could make your recipes. she's just 12 but will be very happy to make your recipes!

  6. 松尾りあん says:

    So easy. I will making this bento for my husband. 😊
    I hope you share more about making a bento box.
    めちゃ美味しかったやん〜 簡単だもん〜

  7. song haven says:

    Love ittttt! Waiting for new recipessss

  8. Lila 1 says:

    I love this series, but where is ep 17 and more?
    Please make more bento videos. Here are some I'd like to see if they are possible

    Baked salmon

    Ebi Chili
    Ebi Fry
    Shrimp & vegetable tempura

    korokke and/or menchi katsun

    macaroni gratin
    creamy stew
    salmon and/or chicken yakitori
    chicken nanban and/or tatsutaage

    shabu shabu

    chaliapin steak
    hayashi stew
    Japanese beef steak


    Japanese pasta and/or Japanese creamy pasta

    Egg salad sandwich and/or tuna sandwich and/or ham sandwich w/ potato salad and/or macaroni salad and/or coleslaw


    hiyashi chuka

  9. Richard Hausman says:

    I love your channel! Keep it up!

  10. I love salmon, i can't wait to make this!!!!

  11. Qiru Soh says:

    I look forward to more great recipes! 🙂

  12. Oum S. Kaewsiwawong says:

    Love your channel ❤️ Keep looking forwards to watching your new recipes!

  13. Catarina Aranha says:

    This bento box is amazing!! And what a great salmon!

  14. ILXY1304 says:


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