12 Creative Lunch Recipes to Make When You’re All Out of Ideas | Tastemade

12 Creative Lunch Recipes to Make When You're All Out of Ideas | Tastemade

1. Crispy & Gooey Cheese-Filled Cannelloni:
2. Chicken Parmesan Pillows:
3. Chicken Parm Sandwich:
4. Chicken Parm Meatball Pull-Apart Sub:
5. Beef Bowl Rice Croquette:
6. Crouton Crusted Chicken Caesar Salad:
7. Burger Tacos:
8. Garlic Butter Pasta Stuffed Mushrooms:
9. Jalapeno Popper Pinwheel Burger:
10. Chicken Caesar Salad Tacos:
11. Easy Tempura Sushi:
12. How to Make Sushi Pizzas:

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chocolatefox _gacha

Lets play guess the ingredient! Is it dough or mozzarella? Correct, its I don't know the answer!(first recipe)

lunch recipes = fry everything i see. Seriously who has time to do all this for lunch?? And frying everything is super unhealthy.


Wow so helpful. I’ll definitely make these at home because I know all the ingredients because you definitely said them in the video.


yeah i "definitely" know all of the ingredients that you used with NO NAMES (seriously how am i supposed to make these without knowing the ingredients -_-)

Enter your username

Can this channel just put what Ingredients they are bc I will stop watching ur vids if I don’t even know what I’m cooking

Coby Tucker

Can't think of a new lunch?? Just take things and fry them! Bam new idea.

I feel like that is all they do.

These seem like a lot of steps to do for lunch. In my mind, lunches should be relatively simple and fast.

Graycen Bowman

I love how they put a BOILED egg in the oven and the egg comes out with the yolk melted, lol

Controversially Yours

Check this creative recipe https://youtu.be/IwtwxXpMdNQ

what about food

Hi I Like to see Your Lunchi Recipe Pls also watch My Indian Street Desert JALEBI Recipe # https://youtu.be/x3mi9BwUJmw and Pls Like, Share and Subscribe My Channel

Rachel Bird

Take some meat, fry it, (or not), add lots of cheese, if you didn't fry it, brush it with lots of butter, then fry it.then sprinkle with cheese.

Kiliane Lair

im wondering who eats the food after you've made it because i would love to do that for you guys no problem

Cool Ruler

I wish they could've shown the python that took a bite out of that burger at 9:05

Chop Happy

Those lunch recipes do look amazing! Need to try all of these recipes lol

Alexandra Franklin

um… what contraption was that that you used for the sushi!? I know how to roll, granted, but, that looked like fun lol.

The Greene's Keto journey

Sometimes the content of the comments is better than the show and I loved the comments thank you for contributing!


How many recipes with chicken, cheese, tomato sauce? How is that creative?

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