Easy Salmon Recipes – Best Salmon Recipe – Sauce For Salmon

– Easy Salmon Recipes – Best Salmon Recipe – Sauce For Salmon. We show you how to cook salmon two ways and make an easy and delicious salmon sauce.

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just a question on cooking steaks. I'm assuming you can eat the skins, but if you do not, what does it take away – nutrients, macros, tastes?

I don't normally eat the skin on salmon steaks, as they don't get any direct contact with the grill or pan and aren't crispy. The skin on the fillet gets cooked directly on the pan and get really crispy and delicious (Just make sure the skin is descaled first). Enjoy πŸ™‚

You must have a snazzy oven, as we only have one setting for grills here in the UK (ON – HOT). Just a quick side note here to avoid any confusion: Grilling (UK) and Broiling (US) are the same thing. Placing food UNDER a direct hot heat. Cooking on the grill (US) is the same as 'cooking on the BBQ' (UK). Placing food ON a direct hot heat. Hope that helps as the same phrases with different meanings can be confusing. But with both, remember to keep an eye on the food at all times to avoid burning.

my salmon was to die for. however, I tweeked it just a little. ie. didn't have sourcream so I used honey mustard and a tbl. of garlic oil. yum yum. Thanks for the video

great video but I send your videos to my Spanish friends, could you add in numbers the temp for the oven with a little pic of an oven and the time. thanks

I just used your recipe for my family over a dark green salad, and we all loved it. Thank you for sharing!!

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