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easy & quick north indian veg thali for guests in 40 minutes | नॉर्थ इंडियन थाली बस चालीस मिनट में

full recipe:


north indian thali recipe | easy & quick north indian veg thali for guest with detailed photo and video recipe. a bouquet of north indian dishes assembled and served in a traditional thali. it is perhaps one of the sought after complete and balanced meal for many indians. in this recipe i have shown, how to make quick and easy north indian thali in 40 minutes with all the basic ingredients from your kitchen.
north indian thali recipe | easy & quick north indian veg thali for guest with step by step photo and video recipe. thali recipes are one of the common packaged meal available across india. each region and state of india has its own set of combination which mainly revolve around rice and roti. one such easy and simple thali variety is north indian thali made in just 40 minutes.


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  1. Mr Flamingo says:

    Too much oil….n jeera ..

    Totally crap

  2. Smita kitchen real Vlogs says:

    Excellent 👌👌👍😋😋😋😋😋😋

  3. Janen Thakuria says:

    Jira zindabad

  4. Jayshree Mehta says:

    So much oil and very unhealthy

  5. Swati Mehrotra says:

    Soo much salt 🥺

  6. Jannat Jahan says:

    It hurts when u get up and find nothing has changed no new subscribers nothing

  7. Sayali Gawand says:

    Plz share the details of the instant pot. Plz

  8. k d says:


  9. victoriya marimuthu says:

    I watched in 2x now I can make it in 20 mins😂

  10. Pratyush Ranj says:

    Keep sharing cool recipes like this 👍😋

  11. Pratt Ranjan says:

    Wow I loved to see this recipe hope I'll try this soon 😋

  12. Rashmi Rathor says:

    Bhai sahab aapne achai kosis ki hai par jo menu aapne banaya bo rutine khana hai 20 minutes mai Reddy ho jata hai

  13. Tushar Antil says:

    Mam but where's the desert ?

  14. Pavithra Vijayan says:

    213 That's lot of jeera

  15. shikha abrao says:

    Please give details of the pressure cooker you used and all the vessels you used inside too.

  16. Amisha Singh says:

    That pressure cooker thing won't work as dal takes more time to cook then rice

  17. Cher cher says:

    Who has time to make a thali for one guest? Just go out to eat!! If you are going to make all that effort it might as well be for a crowd!! I would only do a thali for 8 or more people!!

  18. SuryawanshiSisters says:

    Best thing is whole thali.tutorial in just 7 min

  19. Anil Vadlagatta says:

    Really awesome our eyes see this items really lucky

  20. Pooja P Easwar says:

    Thank you for the shortcuts and making everything very simple, tried it came very well taste is fantastic so happy🙏🙏🙏

  21. So Divine says:

    I tried, It's possible in 1 hour and 1 more people to chop vegetables, helping hand for fulka and to clear mess…

    No water in Paneer Bhurji, Lesser amount of red chilli and Cummins seeds. plane rice …

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