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CINCO DE MAYO Food Buffet & Dessert Ideas

Hey Everyone! You requested Cinco de Mayo party food buffet and dessert ideas and that’s what I’m sharing with you today! I hope you enjoy!
?? What’s your favorite Mexican food or beverage??
?? Do you have any favorite salsa or guacamole add-ins??
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  1. Mary Arenas says:

    This video makes me miss my Mexican Grandparents house SO MUCH.There was always good to eat there.I decorate our house and I Do Not Forget my Roots.

  2. Well Mixed says:

    I'm so happy that you cured the Molcajite!

  3. Cᴊ Eʟʟᴇsᴏɴ says:

    What type of oil did you use to make the angel food cake churros?

  4. Aliss Terrell says:

    Best ever margarita recipe!

  5. Chef Alexia says:

    Looks like a Party!!

  6. Ian Gacii says:

    Is there gonna be one now?, because Cinco de Mayo is coming.

  7. Selena Villarreal says:

    That's not real Cinco de mayo food!!

  8. Nosy Rosy says:

    Cool! Can you do a "glam" version of this? I want to do this theme for a 60th birthday party for may 5.

  9. Ivelisse Laboy says:

    Everything looks delicious and beautiful Rebecca! Your style is always elegant and colorful! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💗😙 God bless your family.💟💕💞💖

  10. Janie Walkwitz says:

    I LOVE your table!!! So fun! We lived in Az and went to Guadalajara's years ago, soooo yummy. Thank you for the inspiration once again!

  11. flakita Martinez says:

    Yummy 💕💕💕 Viva México!! 💕💕

  12. Enqcesar says:

    Me pregunto si los Mexicanos que viven en Estados Unidos celebran 5 de mayo?….

  13. Mayra Peace says:

    Definitely make my own guacamole…yep, store made ones taste tarte to me😜 your spread looks so yummy 👍TFS

  14. D'Vine Inspirations By Martha says:

    Rebecca, this is so so beautiful!! Your blessed hands always take it up a knotch, which by the way is amazing! You are my inspiration for party design setups. If there was a charge to watch you; I would be more than willing to pay for it. Thanks for sharing, my friend. Have a wonderful week. ~Hugs 🕊💕🕊

  15. D's mobile Mobile device says:

    I hope everyone had a fantastic Mexican independence day!

  16. yvettrae says:

    I loved your table set up. I want to see more about how to entertain. Thanks so much! Love your ideas. Are you in AZ?

  17. coachgladys says:

    Hi are an amazing designer.
    I have a question..where do you store all your decor

  18. Amy Delahunt says:

    OMG that looked so yummy and the table was set so gorgeous. I love your channel 🙌🏻💖

  19. CLD girl says:

    It’s from francs

  20. 00000 0 says:

    Oh my gosh, we live in Tucson, and we're thinking of going to the Guadalajara Grill for Cinco De Mayo! There's a few different ones here. We have never been there before. Fiesta!

  21. Kenya's Decor Corner says:

    Hey Girlie! This setup is Ohh Soo Festive! And the music is a nice touch! Love it All!💖💕💖

  22. J*Birds Jodash says:

    coffee party!!☕

  23. Massive Progeria says:

    Happy Mexican 4th of July

  24. Carla Macedo says:

    Wow!! Definitely gonna try the shrimp appetizer

  25. pragaths1 says:

    Your youtube videos are wonderful and want to request you a video of INDIAN baby shower theme (INDIA) with fruits and desserts.

  26. MariBere Ríos says:

    Thats look very good!! Very mexican😄! Siempre piensas en todo! Eres muy creativa! Nunca entiendo todo lo que hablas, pero puesto que soy muy visual 👀 siempre logro captar todas tus ideas. Why you celebrate 5 de mayo?

  27. Rand Zaia says:

    Can you do a tea party theme?,every thing you do looks great ,thanks for sharing

  28. Josie Delgado says:

    you need a tortilla warmer….

  29. Amerling12 says:

    I'll have to take a road trip to Tucson and check out that restaurant you mentioned. Thanks! Your food looks so delicious!!

  30. Maria na florida says:


  31. Floreva santillana says:

    Definitely guacamole homemade is the best. I love mexican food all the time, for 5 de mayo I’ll do all this to celebrate

  32. Monica Montoya says:

    I do make my own guacamole as well. Avocado's, Serrano chili's, cilantro, garlic and onion powder and l tsp. of veganaise for extra cremieness.

  33. Monica Montoya says:

    Well done! Thanks for the inspiration😊

  34. Theresa Mikoff says:

    I love your party ideas!!! Would you consider doing a dragon themed party? I’d like to throw my son a dragon party for his next birthday & would love to see your ideas. He’ll be 7

  35. Paty Oliva says:


  36. Leydi Munoz says:

    Hermoso 👏🏼👏🏼

  37. Simply Lovely Bea With Donna Cobb says:

    Everything looks yummy! Thanks for sharing 💞

  38. Rubi Alonso says:

    I make my own. I roast long green Chile, jalapenos, and tomatoes. I peel the Chile's and dice them. I mix all ingredients and add salt to taste. I also add lime juice so the avocado stay green.

  39. Elizabeth Wright says:

    I want to go to that party! Looks awesome! (You could add some cinnamon to chocolate cupcakes & hot cocoa for the kids for fun.) Thank you for the time saving tips! 🎉

  40. Sandra B. says:

    Love it too cute🎊

  41. Claudia Esparza says:

    Everything looks so delicious 😋 😋by the way I’m from Guadalajara 😊

  42. TABLE TALK with ROBIN says:

    Hi Rebecca. You’ve done it again! The queen of the buffet🥰. Everything looks so good and I love guac❤️. Homemade is the best but Whole Foods has a pretty good fresh guac. TFS ❣️. Robin

  43. Twisted Gypsy says:


  44. Cindy Finn says:

    Looks so good Im craving mexican, yes I make my own guacomole its best

  45. Norma M says:

  46. Betty Jean Geiser Cameron says:

    Can you do a girls night in? I was thinking food, decor, table set up? You do a beautiful table. I like to watch your channel to see what you are up to. Thank you.

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