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  1. Hailey Harper says:

    You can seriously eat healthy non processed food and not spend a lot of money… instead of buying hot pockets think smarter. People say fruits and veggies are expensive but if you take the time to buy what’s in season or buy fruits that are raw and not packaged like ‘cut up onion’ or bagged spinach, you can do it. Also, frozen veggies. A nice size of frozen corn costs $1. You can buy three ears of corn fresh for $1. Of course it depends where you live, all sorts of things but if you do your research, make a list, go to the right stores.

  2. Hailey Harper says:

    Damn this makes me want to cry how shitty the food looks especially for the price

  3. Pronounced Van-Knee-uh says:

    Onion salt 😑

  4. leo dagaas says:

    My dad lost 100lbs. I visited Agoge Diet and followed their steps. I only selected food he likes and they provided me with FULL PACKET in seconds. I got 30 days DIET MEAL PLAN, TRAINING PLAN, FITNESS TIPS, and HEALTHY RECIPES as well.

  5. baby chubby says:

    I got my diet plan from Agoge Diet and lost 2kg in just 10 days. So far, so good. Can't wait to see numbers on scale after 20 more days. I am so excited about this.

  6. Abhi Ram says:

    I have always thought that dieting is eating only green vegetables and drinking water. Agoge Diet proved me wrong. I am eating delicious and nutritionally rich food and still reaching my fitness goals.

  7. Teia Walla says:

    wait , so if they would have discounted your order ….. this would not have been "fully honest"? yeah no thank you

  8. AKKuura says:

    Love your energy, Vanilla Ice!
    But paying 7-10$ for a crappier version of an in-flight meal? Nah. You could probably cook a comparable meal for 2 days with that money. And actually make it taste good.

  9. Dan Strack says:

    That not a food safe container bc its molecular structure is obviously too stagnant when frozen.

    This dude is the definition of the ‘dunning kruger effect.’

    Be careful who’s words you listen.

  10. Michael U says:

    Yea to me it’s worth it because my life looks like this
    Fraternity events, meetings.
    Shadowing doctors for long shifts, studying for exams, midterms, finals,
    Volunteering on my free days
    Homework for 9 hours straight on average (this is not studying for exams, literally just do it for the completion grade)
    Driving to school to my labs and courses , meeting with lab partners for lab analysis
    Going to the gym after my day is done (usually after 11pm when all my homework is submitted)
    Weekends I take on a 24 hour shift as an EMT

    Most of the time I buy junk food that ultimately is quite expensive and I’ve been trying to lose weight for the longest but that would mean making time to look at macros, going to the grocery store, packaging, meal prepping,
    Nope can’t do it

  11. YAYA! says:

    So when they pay you or give discounts you lie about the product,thats what I took away from"I reached out to them to ask for a discount if I reviewed it,they never got back to me so this is gonna be a 100% honest review" There is no other way to take what you said. People NONE of these people (Youtubers) give real honest reviews when they are paid or given product or discounts.

  12. Team Banchamek says:

    I tired one of these and you just don’t get full. Your paying a lot of money for small amounts of food. It’s just not worth it

  13. Dallas Ridley says:

    I'm not paying 300 dollars for some bland ass food lol they could at least season the food. I guess this type of food is for those who are trying to lose weight

  14. Rose Pasingca says:

    I have always thought that dieting is eating only green vegetables and drinking water. Agoge Diet proved me wrong. I am eating delicious and nutritionally rich food and still reaching my fitness goals.

  15. world says:

    Who would have believe that I will finally find a diet that works. It's called Agoge Diet and you are just a few steps away from getting your diet prepared. Trust me, don't waste your time on stupid diets and fat loss pills or teas.

  16. TechSavy says:

    Realistically no one is to busy not to cook come on

  17. L P says:


  18. rebel gordo says:

    No risk it is frozen

  19. Sagittarian King says:


  20. Smell my feet Becky says:

    All that money and they don’t add spices or sauce. Ridiculous

  21. Jomer Aldovino says:

    I worked out for a long time but didn't get results because of a poor diet. I then found a website called Agoge Diet, finally I started seeing results

  22. Mula Kha says:

    Agoge Diet website makes it simple. Select food you like and they give you PERSONALIZED meal plan with tips, TRAINING PLAN and healthy recipes.

  23. Casey says:

    Haha dude your eyebrows. Stop doing that shit to them man we can't take you seriously.

  24. austin leutfiamany says:

    “ i have a youtube channel, can i have a discount? “ Seems about white.

  25. Bubble0seven says:

    love how youtubers think just because they do YouTube videos they should get discounts and free shit

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