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3 Easy Meals Anyone Can Make

3 easy meals anyone can make for lunch or dinner: Whether you don’t have time to cook or you prefer simple food, these three recipes will save you! What’s on the menu? One pot mac and cheese (only 3-ingredinets), one pan roasted chicken and potatoes that everyone loves and salmon with lemon butter sauce that looks like a fancy meal but actually it’s pretty easy to make.

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  1. whatthe927 says:

    Is coconut milk or coconut cream a good substitute for someone who doesn't eat dairy?
    I want to try the salmon. Looks good

  2. lana khamash says:

    What can I put instead of white wine?

  3. Mariela Escobar says:

    ESPETACULAR 😋😋☝️☝️☝️

  4. Hailey Njoroge says:

    Looks nd tastes 👌

  5. Madiha Khan says:

    What can i use instead of white wine? 🙁

  6. Annabella Crewe says:

    You do this very proffesionally. I am happy to get Your foodie videos🌹

  7. Vatsala Sampat says:

    Hi. I tried out mac n cheese today. It came out just fine like in the video. But unless you eat it hot, it dries up fast and kind of becomes less moist and less appetising. Otherwise it was yum.

  8. Salma Tabassum says:

    Very nice 👍

  9. Liz Miller says:

    I honestly love the same seasonings that you seem to always use so most all of your recipes are just right for me and my family. Thank you big!

  10. Maria Da Silva says:

    Qué rico está😋😋😋

  11. Eti's vlog Houston USA says:

    Yummy food 😋 😍 😜

  12. viikuciits _ says:

    Love ur channel so much, I already tried some recipes🤤

  13. City Foodie Farm says:

    One pot Mac & Cheese looks so easy! Mmm

  14. anjali singh says:

    This pasta is so yummy and also this items

  15. Rima Jamalian says:

    This channel is so underrated, I have tried multiple recipes from other channels and they don’t turn out good and most of the recipes that I have tried and didn’t turn out well, were from the channel tasty, but all of the recipes that I have tried from this channel are easy and delicious.

  16. All You Need Favourites says:

    Have been watching your cooking show for so long. You are one of the best cooking teacher. Love your explanations. Also motivator for cooking. Love your presentation. I'm a biggest fan of your cooking 🙂 Though I belong to different culture, you inspire me to cook different variety food after watching your videos!

  17. Syedqassimmohiuddinali Gemsnems says:

    I think this is the best cooking channel … really appreciate you ❤️❤️👍

  18. Dustin Deweerd says:

    That lemon butter salmon is an incredible recipe. I have cooked it multiple times. Delicious. Thanks Cooking Foodie.

  19. رامي رمال مينةمحمد says:

    Thanks, can I replace alcohol with water .

  20. Maria Da Silva says:

    Mmmm qué delicias me encanta mucho

  21. Edie Boudreau says:

    Yep. All 3 are good

  22. SAU Kitchen UK says:

    Wow wow wow

  23. foody by niesha says:

    Will try this soon..stay safe all😍

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