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Easiest Weekly Healthy Meal Prep (Macro Bowls)

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The easiest way to do a meal prep is to keep things clean and simple. Get everything you need from protein, nutrients, and healthy fats all in these simple macro bowl recipes.

Learn how to build a macro bowl:


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  1. Daro Lin says:

    This is great for variety

  2. DICTADOR _YT says:

    Diet plan from Agoge Diet is so simple that everyone can follow it. No buzzwords, no bullsh*t, no pussyfooting. Only clear directions and instructions. Losing fat is easier than ever.

  3. Đạt Phạm says:

    Agoge Diet website makes it simple. Select food you like and they give you PERSONALIZED meal plan with tips, TRAINING PLAN and healthy recipes.

  4. Niño Nacorda says:

    If you ask me, it's really hard to gain muscle and lose weight at the same time, but website called Agoge Diet is great for that. They also calculate your BMI and calorie intake for FREE and provide you with diet meal plan and training plan.

  5. Yana’s Kitchen says:

    Did he said we can put it in “freezer”? So, is it okay that will froze?😓

  6. Nourr Whbe says:

    So simple, yet so effective. That's how would I describe diet plan from "Agoge Diet". Now I belive that simplicity is the key to brilliance.

  7. Alondra Bautista says:

    What's the suggested oven temp for the veggies?

  8. Connie Ong says:

    How many degrees for the oven when i am doing the vegetables?

  9. MrTarget3300 says:

    Is it necessary to put the food in the freezer to keep it for the week or inside the fridge will do? I will appreciate your response. Thanks in advance.

  10. Baba Tumbastu says:

    Stop wasting your time on calculating every single calorie. Visit Agoge Diet and check your calorie intake for FREE. You can choose any kinds of fruits, nuts, vegetables and meats and get personalized meal plan which contains only food you like.

  11. Chenssy says:

    OMG I love this, I will make this next week. Looks yummy! and also the best is healthy foods.Thank you for sharing.

  12. Ripesh Khadka says:

    Website called Agoge Diet is the best for your body transformation. I lost 20kg by following their diet plan (I also had cheat meals) and training plan.

  13. DonnaDesu says:

    I tried to make my own diet, but it didn't work. I went to Agoge Diet and let them create diet plan for me. I am delighted with the result

  14. Blue Bubble says:

    Thumbs up on this!
    Will head to the market and do this healthy recipe.
    New subscriber here and i love your videos

  15. Keoni H J says:

    Lean pork cut is ok. They don’t call it “the other white meat” for no reason. Can be leaner than the beef that you used. No pork belly tho.

  16. Jason Gonzales says:

    Can I airfry the veggies ? And chicken , trying to stay away from red meat

  17. Ami Damaru says:

    Who knew covid would f*ck up our 2020? 😅

  18. Qadir Rani says:

    Mana telur?

  19. segubiep says:

    “Let’s make 2020 the healthiest year yet”

    2021: Just hold on a little bit longer

  20. Anna Channels says:

    I love how we’re getting textures from the variety of vegetables rather than having to use different cooking techniques. Sheet pan for the win. ❤️ Much appreciated!

  21. Anjeanette May Cachapero says:

    This is in my recommendation 😂 maybe youtube algorithm is telling me to loose weight

  22. レロブ says:

    Who would have thought na mag-iisang taon na pala itong video na to

  23. Chris G says:

    Why grass fed you guys?

  24. Chris G says:

    Watching this for the 1st time and the irony after the year we had made me laugh…. ahhh man crazy year

  25. Riley Kilgore says:

    Goes into 2020 with expectations.. that’s where the mistake was made

    The year of lost gains 🙁

  26. jennic131 says:

    Watching at the end of 2020, thinking about what he said at the end of the video. "Lets 2020 the healthiest meal yet" 😳😳😳

  27. Erien Obando says:

    I'm doing this for my boss

  28. nemo201 says:

    my new 2020 resolution: SURVIVE

  29. Minda Nicholas says:

    I love this meal prep .so awesome tips.i will try it sounds so great. Thank u for ur recipes cool recipe s too.i love ur videos. I30:am watching ur videos makes me so hungry .love ur recipes so healthy. I learned alots .thank u soo much ..bsafe and God bless

  30. AndieSimms says:

    in what temperature should the oven be?

  31. Belinda Olvera says:

    Great video!!!

  32. T ! says:

    Ang social naman neto hahaha

  33. Rommel Matias says:

    I think I have to save this video for references. Thanks. New subscriber here.

  34. TUESDAY HUGOTS with STEVIEE mercado says:

    This was my first time to see something like this and immediately I subscribed to your channel. Not only that I already tried it for my dinner. My first MacroBowl consists of sauteed chopsuey veggies, carrots, tomatoes, onions and sweet potatoes for starch. As for protein, I cooked chicken breast with pepper, oyster sauce, fish sauce and some rosemary herb..What a unique dinner that I had.Thank you!!!

  35. misstery25 says:

    This is amazing and easy and versatile!

  36. Iqra Ashfaq says:

    This man need more subscribers🤗🤗

  37. Eloisa Fe Balagat says:

    Is vegetable broth necessary? or what else can I use instead of vegetable broth? 😀

  38. MJ Vargas _Music says:

    Where did those eggs go?

  39. Julie Arnold says:

    I have no oven how to cook the vegetables?

  40. Kris Cesa says:

    Wow! I just found website NextLevelDiet and read their fitness tips and recipes. I can't wait to get my diet and training plan from that site and transform my body. Summer body, here I come!

  41. LM Karaoke says:

    I GOT 2KG OF LEAN MUSCLE MASS IN ONE MONTH!!! I simply visited website called Next Level Diet and they provided me with diet plan, training plan along with amazing fitness and nutrition tips. Believe me, it's just amazing!!! #*Next Level Diet*

  42. Hanif Ridyan says:

    Honestly, I never had problems with my weight. I could eat whatever I wanted and still maintain normal weight, but a lot of junk food really affected my health. Diet plan from Next Level Diet contains delicious and nutritionally rich foods your body, brain and heart will love. It's definitely worth trying.


    Omg!!! Finally!!! 😍🙏❤️

  44. Elena Ursu says:

    You’re making a mockery of that food if you freeze it instead of eating it freshly cooked. Looks great, but not as a “prep”.

  45. Chin Mizushima says:


  46. Lester Estrada-Lopez says:

    I swear this is the video that I have been looking for. Everything is so simple yet it looks delicious. And the explanation is key. It's very understandable. Thank you for this video. I cant wait to begin eating healthy like this!

  47. Chad A says:

    Thanks for making this video! This is REALLY helpful! Keep it up 🙂 #quarantine

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