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A Week of Easy Low-Carb Meals | Power Hour Meal Prep with Grace | Kitchn

New year, new meal prep goals! What is more invigorating than seeing a week’s worth of food lined up in your fridge after a Power Hour prep session? We’re here for it!

To inspire you and get you going with your eating and meal prep goals, we are launching β€” drumroll! β€” another Kitchn YouTube series with Grace Elkus, our senior food editor. Every Thursday Grace will show you how to take an hour and a pile of groceries and chop, boil, and roll your way to meal prep stardom.

Watch the first episode and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see a fresh Power Hour meal prep video every week.

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  1. lsun5322 says:

    The most unique element, the Buddha bowl, is less than a minute w no info… how pathetic. I don’t need yet ANOTHER meal prep video telling me how to make chilli πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  2. god563616 says:

    Cool concept nut video was to fast

  3. Sharon Eves says:

    Beansprouts in meal prep on weekend for following Thursday/Friday. At least they looked like beansprouts. These don't keep very well even in the fridge. I would be a bit wary – otherwise very informative, thank you.

  4. Alessandro B says:

    Please fix the grocery list on the post, there are so many items missing (e.g. diced potatoes for the baked breakfast, cashews and miso paste for the buddha bowls) and I haven't even gone through the whole meal prepping. I wasted a couple of trips to the grocery store because I relied on that list at first.

  5. N D`Miau says:

    This was perfect, please keep meal prep comming!

  6. Jill Scalzo says:

    I did this exact meal prep from the article on Sunday and my boyfriend and I have been loving the meals all week! Having the frittata in the fridge in AM is a game changer. Jealous that now it has been made into a cute video! So excited for the meal prep newsletter launching tomorrow; great concept Kitchn love your site the most!

  7. Moonie The Pretty Giant says:

    This is fun to watch. I've been eating home cooked meals in the past couple months, and the results of my health check up recently came in with all A's. Power of healthy eating!

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