10 Healthy Back To School Lunch Ideas

10 Healthy Back To School Lunch Ideas

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Food Peeler:
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School season is here! It’s time for fun and healthy back-to-school lunch recipes
These lunches for weight loss are easy meals for school or work! While they can help you lose weight. We’ve put together delicious, lunch ideas you and your family will love!
enjoy these 10 Healthy Back To School Lunch Ideas

You can download the recipes on google drive here:

I hope you like all these healthy recipes ♡

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For the chicken wrap, I followed the recipe exactly but when I tried folding it up, everything keeps spilling out. It's as if i put too much in it but, I didn't

tired pigeon

Hey, I just wanted to say: Thank you for making these video's❤ I love oatmeal but most health channels only use oatmeal. So even I get bored of eating it.( even though I love oatmeal xc)
Thank you for the inspiration❤ I have a sweettooth so I also love your sweet healthy recipes, it makes it easier to eat healthy when my sweettooth is satisfied and eating healthy sweets has even reduced my sweettooth to the point I sometimes gag when I eat a storebought cupcake thats too sweet (on a cheatday of course 😉 )
So in conclusion: Another big THANK YOU❤


Gonna time stamp thase for later 🙂
0:00 – Chicken wrap (420 cals)
O:50 – Chicken pea pasta salad (440 cals)
1:13 – Turkey taco lunch (380 cals)
2:27 – Greek salad (230 cals)
3:34 – Tuna & egg salad wrap (320 cals)
4:41 – Egg sandwich (300 cals)
5:57 – Tuna & veggie wrap (290 cals)
6:56 – Veggie sandwich (270 cals)
7:54 – White bean avo sandwich (280 cals)
8:35 – Summer spinach and corn salad (240 cals)


I don’t know whats worse… the fact that these people put a whole bottle of mayonnaise in a wrap or the fact that they use olive oil from a spray bottle…


Jesus you can get filled by the firsg one? Its basically air


am i the only one who's always seassoning the meat before i put it on a pan or???

easy moneyf

Where we can find whole wheat tortilla, I even not able to find in groffers

Niger Sultana

2.15 so you are gonna eat the ReD oNiOnS just like that? -_-


who here is watching it in covid
and your pe teacher said u had to watch this?

Wow, they look soo delicious !!! I wanna try them out !!!🤤🌽🥕🥬🥚

I made 2 recipes and here are my ratings:

1. the vegetable sandwich – B (I grilled the peppers first)

2. the white bean avocado sandwich – C (I used extra pesto).

Only salt and pepper on chicken and not toasting the tortilla 🙁


Wow, superb, amazing, fantastic, great, marvellous 👍👍👍

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