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Crispy Brussels Sprouts | Easy Healthy Side Dish | How-To Roast Brussels Sprouts

hey, guys, I hope you will like today’s easy and quick recipe. For today’s kitchen basics recipe, I have the best way of cooking crispy brussels sprouts that you guys are going to love.

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  1. Brenda Batyski says:

    Looks yummy! I'm making it tomorrow!

  2. Patricia Tully says:

    thanks Mitisha , fast, easy and tasteful. good side dish.

  3. Beck Live says:

    Nice recipe, I also put some parmesan cheese on them b4 baking And i soak them for 15 min in apple cider vinegar prior to baking! Yum!

  4. Mitta Mistry says:

    yummy definitely will try 🙏

  5. letitia says:

    yes, sweetie we want to try it!!
    i like it !

  6. Clare Sandy says:

    Thank you for showing how bugs can be in vegetables camouflaged. My mum use to soak our vegetables in salted water or bicarb water for twenty mins.

  7. MyRCComedy says:

    You’re pretty & an awesome cook. Your husband is one lucky guy.

  8. Sean Safo says:

    How about some food from your country India 🇮🇳

  9. Van Le says:

    Love this recipe and the shallow fried eggplant . Thanks for sharing

  10. Mary Erb says:

    Looks good and I will try it. Please pull your hair back from your face and don't say "You guys" anymore. Say folks, people, or whatever else. No more lazy "you guys".

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