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Five School Night Dinners That’ll Make The Whole Family Happy • Tasty

Keep the creativity up while school’s in session with these five dinners that everyone will be happy with!

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  1. Allie Bourke says:

    I wish it was more informative or that there was written recipe

  2. Yolanda Wessel says:

    Thank you for returning back to healthy food.

  3. Dharamraj Meena says:

    Taads EK fraud company hai logon se paise lekar like rahata hai

  4. Kay says:

    Yummy 😋☺

  5. Andy West says:

    Thought they were using the red wine in the food, turns out they're all just raging alcholics

  6. Vanessa Louis says:

    Just because you put alot of cheese doesnt mean it will be delicous lol

  7. Zoe Taco says:

    giving my opinion cus i can
    1. no picky eater will eat that, it looks like vomit
    2. you really had me until u added the tomato, i could just peel it off tho
    3. looks pretty good to me, tho i do worry about the peppers getting soggy bc of overcooking
    4. i mean its a slider what more can i say? i wish they wouldve atleast seasoned the meat
    5. My fav

  8. Arianna Adams says:

    they HAD to add tater tots 🤦🏽‍♀️

  9. Bosena Mewsha says:


  10. Ruchi Garg says:

    My family is never happy

    Nothing is enough, They need more and more!!

  11. мιray says:

    If you want to have diabetes, this is the the right video for you!

  12. creativ-LI says:

    what’s with the wine during that last recipe? we all know what buzzfeed studios looks like, y’all on the job…

  13. eddyzow says:

    Huh, 8000th like. Whatever

  14. TLepageArt says:

    Mmm I love me some outhwester er tot casser

  15. 9192joey says:

    Nah man that first one is tater tot hotdish

  16. Barnaby Thorngate says:

    No wonder Americans are so fat!

  17. Le Stupid says:

    Honestly most of these meals would keep the parents happy not the kids 😛 in my opinion these recipes just keep getting worse but that's just my opinion bo offense to anyone who would eat it we all have different preferences on food

  18. LouLa BeaR says:

    My kids wouldnt touch any of these? Definitely not kid (under 5) unfriendly meals

  19. Autumn says:

    Ok but did they really just cut pasta like it was streak?

  20. KacyJ says:

    Kept looking like "when are they gonna add the wine to the chicken" haha

  21. ꧁Saad꧂ free fire gaming says:

    Wtf did i just watch 🤢🤢🤮🤮

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