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00:09 Nutella pancake recipe
01:27 Pancake flowers
02:48 Easy waffle recipe
03:13 Nutella rolls
05:50 Amazing dessert decoration ideas
06:58 Marshmallow sandwiches
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  1. Imran Rauf says:


  2. Rosalina games says:

    I love how they make one thing to make it cool but you have to make the rest

  3. India Morrow says:

    Try buying white chocolate bark for strawberries.

  4. Enatkat says:

    They copied the sugar bowl with ice cream and fruit exactly from anne Reardons video

  5. Laura Gonçalves says:

    Hello,i love It❤️

  6. Pesep Dahdah says:


  7. Anil Kumar says:

    Wanted to make even

  8. I love Piggies says:

    I'm hungry now

  9. Leticia Amponsah says:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I think this is getting boring
    And so do u (and if u don't ur out of the pictures)

  10. Nuggets r awesome ! says:

    I tried the hack at 4:31 but when I blew the Nutella with the hair dryer it melted the plastic so it wasted a brand new jar of chocolaty goodness 😭

  11. Nuggets r awesome ! says:

    ABC if ur Japanese like me!

    Like if ur not!

  12. Nuggets r awesome ! says:

    At 2:08 it looks delicious 🤤

  13. シStrxwbxrry says:

    They should call this Nutella hacks for dessert

  14. Jason Reed says:

    This is my 2nd comment PS already ate Desert to

  15. Jason Reed says:

    I had dinner and now I'm hungry!🍓🍓🍓🍓🌰🌰🌰🌰🥨🥨🥨🥨 Right now I'm thinking about those fruits and food

  16. Muhammad Huzaifa Hanif says:

    I wish I could just jump onto the screen and eat it all

  17. Ксения Кузнецова says:


  18. Almira. B says:


  19. godlin Christobel says:

    I haven't try none of these hacks ..simply watching only 😁

  20. Sharon Ma says:

    are they like sponsored by nutella or something???

  21. Ammara Hameed says:

    can anyone plz tell me what the stuff between the raspberry and white chocolate thing was? I had a feeling it was gingercarrot cake but im guessing not. Oh and also when u press the lid on to the chocolate and put it in the freezer and then take it out, will the chocolate come off smoothly or will it crack?

  22. Clara Schneider says:

    Hey man

  23. Khadeejaaaa says:

    So you’re telling me to put waffle batter into a waffle maker


  24. Khadeejaaaa says:

    I’m just wondering tf was the point of the pancake on a stick

  25. Biro Cloud says:

    I like the donut thing

  26. Kandy’s Paige says:

    After she blows out the candles on her cake, her friends hug her like she blew out ALL the candles, while 2 were not blown out yet

  27. Clara Schneider says:

    Are you guys

  28. Clara Schneider says:

    What is your name! !?

  29. H a e l ʜᴀᴇʟ シ says:

    Roses are red,

    Violets are blue,

    5 minute crafts, show something new

    Before we all go, and bid adieu.

  30. Bitter Sweet May20 says:

    Plz support e

  31. LIZZIELUNAR 2112 says:


  32. Gi Pizaña says:

    No me gusto por que si comen un
    Tela los gorilas mueren

  33. Britney Liyanda says:

    Must try😏

  34. Neda Dragisic says:

    I don't know if anyone ever try any if these recipes, but is fun to watch it. Right?😊

  35. Maksuda Rahaman says:


  36. biscotte gaming says:

    I love people who know how to live a real good life

  37. ورده❤اسامه❤ says:

    .قنات جميل وانا 😘😘اخبها

  38. Ritika Rathi says:

    Guys pls do not repeat things I know that it is hard , but it is so annoying not to be rude or anything…..

  39. Max Jacobs says:

    I allergic to Nutella so thanks

  40. Thangapandi Pandi says:


  41. Bianca Nicoleta Gradinaru says:


  42. alex yokeley says:

    did they just call pancake batter pancake dough

  43. Virna Aliska says:

    I like it😊

  44. Mana k says:

    Remember when all the comments were like repeated hacks and stuff
    Now: anyone else watching this in quarantine

  45. Julinha Cidrack says:


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