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Unique and New Snacks | Easy & Quick Snacks Recipe | 1 tsp Oil Snacks Recipe | Iftar Healthy Snacks

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Hello Friends in this video I’ll show you how to make very tasty, easy and quick snacks with 1 tsp Oil only . Tasty and healthy snacks in quick time. Please Like Share Subscribe also click on the bell icon. Follow us on Instagram

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  1. Sridevi Nichenametla says:

    From where did you learn all these recipes. Amazing and wonderful. Every dish unique. God bless you. హరేకృష్ణ. 👍😊

  2. saritha k says:

    Nice receipe

  3. vijaya shastry says:

    One suggestion peanuts will be better if coarsely ground after I boiling. X'llnt receive.

  4. muniputhra srilaxmi says:

    Chat masala ledu

  5. Saritha Sarithap says:

    Can we grind the groundnuts

  6. Ashwini Belide says:

    Kothaga undhi receipe …bavundhi

  7. Sesh P says:

    no.. but it best if you fry becoz it must cook well n deep fry otherwise… it will be semi cooked from inside

  8. Samidha Mahajan says:

    Khoob Sundar Pathar to binola Tumi

  9. Roja Rao says:


  10. Sunanda Kalakonda says:

    Simply super

  11. Haripriya M says:

    Too yummy recipie tanx dear

  12. Ramramson Jothidam. says:

    very nice ..good…I watched full vedio…thank u for ur sharing …I m n frnd….

  13. dipti c Chitroda says:

    Tasty recipe yummy 😋😋

  14. Harshada Pawar says:

    Thoday I subscribed your channel because your recipes are heathy , quick
    Most important no faltu ki badbad

  15. Veera Pereira says:

    Simple and healthy food

  16. Queen Style says:

    You have made a delicious video , can you tell me that Is peanut important for it

  17. Genevieve Tauro says:

    A quick snack in minutes indeed,well e xplained.

  18. Savithri Badri says:

    You should have crushed the peanut

  19. Chandrakala Sant says:

    Best recipe I will try this recipe Peanut

  20. Jyoti Pawar says:

    Recipe 👌👌👍

  21. Chandrakanta Tiwari says:

    Very nice recipe heathy and tasty Thanks

  22. VIJAY KRISHNA says:

    Looking Very Delicious

  23. Mansi Ambre says:

    Very very nice recipe

  24. Jolly Mathew says:


  25. Shailaja Pai says:

    Looks very tasty ❤️ Thank you 🙏

  26. Ramani Nalam says:


  27. Savita Saraf says:

    Very nice 👌🏼

  28. Deepthi S says:

    I prepared today .. it came out well.. nice snack recipe… thanks for sharing
    I used normal peanut which we get in store I soaked it for half an hour and boiled it …

  29. Arti Diya says:

    Your every recipe is unique 👌

  30. Barbara Timmermans says:

    I don’t like nuts in my food, but I’ll add Quinoa instead. Thanks so much for this awesome recipe 😋👏👏👏

  31. D Saraladevi says:

    Nice we can try in cutlet form so evenly it get cooked without onion raw flavour well tried try in this form and proceed

  32. M P says:

    Awesome!! Aprotein packed snack. Thank you for sharing dear

  33. Neelam Kulkarni says:

    Sooo unique and different recipe… I'm trying this..😊😊

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