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In today’s video I am sharing five 10 minute meal ideas for you. These are great healthy and nutritious meals to feel your family when you are in a rush and need to get dinner on the table QUICK!!

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500g spagetti
6 egg yolks
100g parmesan
5 bacon rashers
3 garlic cloves
4-6 tablespoons pasta water

5 potatoes
Turkey Strips
2 peppers
1 onion
Fajita mix powder
1 avocado
Sour Cream

500g lamb or beef mince
200ml veg stock
1 onion
3 cloves garlic
3 tablespoons curry powder (mild, medium or hot)

6 Pitta Breads
Tomato Puree

500g Pasta
2 Peppers
1 Onion
3 Garlic Cloves
100g Mushrooms
100g Tomatoes
1000ml Veg stock (add more if needed)


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  1. food recipes easy says:

    Loved all of these, thanks so much for sharing!😋

  2. twister98 says:

    The mince curried dish you could add a tablespoon or 2 of mango chutney which makes it taste delicious

  3. Azza Mohamed says:

    Hey Kerri , I’m originally from Sudan and so our cuisine is mainly Arab. That South African dish we do it in a different way, all the steps you’ve mentioned plus tomato paste,/purée, a bit if water and potatoes (skinless and they boil in the broth) with the peas, instead of curry we use salt, pepper, ground coriander,some cumin powder. We call it geema. Classic Sudanese dish served with white rice and green salad.

  4. George Aiken says:

    Nice vid

  5. Kelly Jackson says:

    I’ve just tried the Pizza, absolutely loved it xx

  6. Keena Hockey says:

    I microwave the potatoes then when done cut into weddges sprinkle with any seasoning and straight in the oven on a hot pan .. so much quicker x

  7. Chandre Beetge says:

    Love your videos, thank u for all the yummy cooking inspo, new sub❤️from Cape Town🇿🇦

  8. Linda Gray says:

    Thankyou so convenient and so yummy

  9. Seema Hussain says:

    This isn’t a 10 minute because some of the food takes longer.

  10. S Dey says:

    I meant the temperature of the oven Thanks!

  11. S Dey says:

    Thanks for the great ideas. What temperature did you have the wedges in at?

  12. Dipstar 2 says:

    I tried the one pot pasta and it was amazing, thanks for sharing! Saves me pottering around with separate pots and draining etc.

  13. Kay Houghton says:

    Ohh I hate cooking I’d rather get a ton of coal in your recipe are great easy to follow and we’ve all got those ingredients in not posh stuff that we don’t know where to get them from thanx

  14. Joanne Iles says:

    Firstly thank you for taking the time to do this and also the shopping list to go with it. Would like to add in our home we use left over bread to make into pizza also. Especially if it is the unsliced type 😉 And sometimes use ketchup as a base 😁. Great for using up items you might throw away. Although suppose now more people are conscious of what they are buying 👍 Once again thank you 🌈 .

  15. the-mixed-pot says:

    Those are not 5 or 10 min meals however they do worth the effort and time as they look really delicious

  16. Janet Simpson says:

    I live alone and I am always struggling to find easy quick meals for one. All these recipes I have just seen are adaptable for 1 and I love the pizza on pitta. New to channel just came across you by chance. Glad I did so I have subscribed…

  17. GradKat says:

    Great recipes! Thank you.

  18. lexie flippence says:

    Not a fan

  19. Elaine Whybro says:

    All that garlic 😳

  20. Chris Humphreys says:

    Love your channel but I can't keep up you talk to fast please slow down I find myself turning off I'm out of breath 🤔

  21. Safieh T says:

    I add mushrooms to my pizza and onion.

  22. Safieh T says:

    Your son is cute too.

  23. Safieh T says:

    You are so pretty

  24. Nora Jean Council says:

    This is awesome an appreciation!!

  25. Nancy Codispot says:

    To many ingredients for being a fast meals

  26. Elezabeth Thomas says:

    Love 10 in quick meal.

  27. wiccan wanderer says:

    Hi kerry new here your food looks yummy . Thank you for coming to youtube and tormenting people like me who cant cook 🤣 all the best from bonny scotland xx

  28. Mar Gal says:

    Your hair looked great in every shot! 😎☺️ my oldest daughter loves to cook carbonara so I’ll be sure to show her this version and my youngest daughter loves shrimp so I’ll show her the last one (they are 17 and 14). I’m glad they both like to cook (all I knew how to make when I went to college was ramen and toast 😂)

  29. PegEgg Eggleston says:

    Great video and information. Continued success. Love Peg

  30. Praise & Worship says:

    They look
    Amazingly good. I will try some after this quarantine ends when I can buy everything I need

  31. Mark11340 says:

    Love the video! More recipes please.

  32. Baroness James says:

    OMG you are gorgeous and so pleasant to look and listen to. And of course, the recepies sound delicious.

  33. Cathy xox says:

    Do you have any suggestions on what to do with the egg whites in the carbonara recipe?

  34. Lisa Nash says:

    whats up with your eyebrows ?

  35. Gloria Peel says:

    Great meals and so easy!

  36. Nadia says:

    Tie your hair back. It’s not hygienic to have your hair all over the place while preparing food.

  37. Jasmine Palau says:

    Love your cooking!😀

  38. Mae M says:

    [ 👍👍 ] Kerry Whelpsdale
    " Thanks for sharing these recipes with your viewers ! "

  39. Nicky Bailey says:

    Lovely family friendly recipes 👍

  40. jemnifer westby says:

    Loved you mentioning South Africa dish regarding mince Curry..I am south African living in Seattle USA for 23 yrs. I love Curry but my hubby and kids are not a fan

  41. Robin Siskin says:

    How cute is your little taste tester? Very! 🌸

  42. Pamela Prettynose says:

    Your son is adorable! Thank you

  43. Bonjour Sandy says:

    Fan from Australia 💕

  44. Mango K says:

    Great video, been looking for a method to make carbonara and will try yours. What brand was the dicer machine?

  45. Louise Bury says:

    First time I've seen you and I'll be visiting again. Love the wedges in the slow cooker idea! Thank you x

  46. Dolores McEachren says:


  47. Amber Nectar says:

    We love curry mince too. Another idea is chickpeas curry. Add frozen veg or small chunks of potatoe. Delish with rice or wrap.

    You can also stretch chicken by adding it to your chickpeas curry. Grater some coconut block, add a touch of milk and voila done.

  48. Jenny Thomas says:

    Excellent. Thank you

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