DUMP & GO CROCK POT MEALS | Quick & Easy Crock Pot Recipes | Fall Food Friday!

In today’s video I’m sharing 4 dump and go crock pot meals…dinners to be exact! These SUPER cozy dinners are PERFECT for fall AND they’re kid approved! But the BEST part about these dump and go meals is that they really are quick and easy to prepare, there’s not a lot of chopping involved, nothing has to be precooked AND these slow cooker meals can be ready in just a few hours….they’re not the kind that have to cool ALL day long!

Check out Falon from Moss Family TV’s fall recipe video!
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Made the stroganoff and it was so bomb …i added spinach to mine during the last hour of cooking and my son and i really enjoyed it

Sayit AsItIs

I shot a buffalo the other day. What size slow-cooker should I use, and how do I get the skin nice a crispy? Hurry up with your reply as it's starting to stink quite a lot.

Carrie Lynn

Thank you for this video !!! Eating food as well as making food are real problems for me, so the easier the better and yummy !!!!

Stacey Dailey

Hey Jen! I wanted to let you know I made the turkey meatballs and the mac n cheese recipies for my Christmas Eve dinner tonight! They were a huge success! I also served all my usual stuff too butt thought these would be easier on me. They were easy! And everyone loved it! I had no leftovers of mac n cheese and the kids got 2nds…. My oldest nephew is such a picky eater, he is 24 now but still hardly eats anything but m&m's, chicken nuggets, fries, Or mac n cheese and he actually said that he lived the meatballs! "I think they are my favorite thing tonight" WOW the ham, the lamb, the turkey dressing all went to the fridge but the mac n cheese was scraped clean and the meatballs had just a fraction left over after making 6 pounds of the Wal-Mart brand of turkey meatballs! Thank you for great recipes! Your the best and I told them they were your recipies! Lots of love and merry Christmas to you and all of yours!!!🎄💖🎄💖🎄💖🎄💖🎄

Rebecca Ramos

Someone is TPW obsessed like me! I am slowly collecting her kitchen pieces and when I saw your knife I was so jealous.

Jen Dyson

Do you like the pioneer woman crock pot ? My slow cooker is from 1980's (!) and I know I will have to replace at some point. The lid broke a long time ago so have been using another lid from my pots and pans. I hear a lot of newer slow cookers get hotter than the old ones and 'boil' the food. Just wondering if you would recommend ?

Theresa Lili

Why aren't recipes or at least what recipes you're showing. Why watch?

Kayla Hale

I wonder if you could completely skip the cream in the Mac n cheese? Great video.

Tyler Kopecky

Hey so I'm very interested in the cranberry meatball recipe because it looks so good but my mom is very allergic to oranges so the orange juice is not an option for my family is there any possible substitutions you think would work well with this recipe?

wolfies gaming

Who else thinks that lily should start her own roblox channel please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noemy Gonzalez

I am trying the meatballs and Mac n cheese got everything from Aldis!! It was only like $30 for everything thank u for these cheap recipes!!

Sasha White

Hi this is so yummy and I am just starting to learn how to use a crock-pot on Dean had to make like vegetable and pasta soup together that's what I would like to see you makethank you so much

Schubert Aloysius

i am distracted! I keep looking at her fingers! She has delicious finger nails! 😀

World Nature Video

Just beautiful and delicious healthy recipes. And a very big thanks for uploading this video. Great job.

Loya Frostwind

Looks like the meatballs would go well over mashed potatoes too.


I just don't get it how can you say no to macaroni and cheese. so nice and creamy and delicious!!!!! how can anybody not be in the mood for macaroni and cheese???!!!??! It really is baffling.

Jesus Peachez

Do you know if the meatball recipe works for vegan meatballs as well?

Jodi Burgett

I have a question about the cranberry meatballs. Does it change the flavor of the recipe to leave out the orange juice? I'm allergic to citrus.


Just got a slow cooker with no idea how to use it or what to make with it. This video was SUPER helpful. Love how down to earth you and your recipes are

Whenever I add sour cream to a dish, it separates and looks terrible. How did you stop this from happening?

Pink Orchid

Hello! I love all of your crock-pot recipes. 💚 Do you plan on doing more in the future? Every recipe I've ever tried of yours has always been a big hit! ☺️💛

Victoria Moyorido

Had the beef stroganoff and it was great! Also, couldn’t find the chili sauce at my grocery store so I hope it’ll still work without 🙁

Rebeccah Herdener

Omg dude… Those mac and cheese and beef stroganoff look SOOOOOO GOOOOD!!😭😭😭
My inner fat person is drooling…and so is the outter one!😂💚💜
I love your recipes!
Stumbled upon them searching for crockpot meals!
You definitely have a new subscriber with me!

Allison Romano

My mom makes the meatballs. We use mashed potatoes and we use grape jelly! Super good !

XxTha 13ossxX

I have made the meatball one the same way you made them with rice and broccoli and the tortellini one the same way you made it and my family loved them…. So I just made the Mac & Cheese just waiting on the 10 mins for the top cheese to melt and then we are digging in to it I can’t wait I know we are going to love it…. The stroganoff one is tomorrow and I can’t wait 😊

Delilah Pohl

Made the tortellini soup and it was a hit!! Such great flavor and I served it with breadsticks 😋😋👍👍 so simple & definetly a comfort dish

Mommy Nikki

Omg your recipes have made me SO HUNGRY!! Looks delicious! 😍

Loved all the recipes! Thanks for sharing will be trying them soon!!😋

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