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How To Cut Mushrooms For Pizza (Step-By-Step Tutorial)

In this video, I show you how to cut mushrooms for pizza. It is a step by step tutorial and I show you the basics of slicing up mushrooms. I like to cut my mushrooms to a medium thickness, but you can use this same method and cut them to be much thicker or thinner (depending on what you want for your pizza). It is important to hold the mushrooms firmly as you are cutting them because their rounded top will cause them to move and roll while you are cutting them if you don’t have a firm grip!

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  1. youngwolf689 says:

    Why do you sound like that

  2. Saurabh Shrivastava says:

    Do you saute mushrooms before putting into pizza

  3. Jade Sparrow says:

    Very entertaining 😂 he explains it like he's a serial killer

  4. Chhaya Gangar says:

    Heyyyyyy everybodyyyyyyy

  5. Shanaia Rebeiro says:

    Speed the video up, the voice sounds better.

  6. Zsuzsanna Matalucci says:

    It was a wasted 3 minutes of my life! Someone is really needs an attention.

  7. john1842msu says:

    Gotta admit, this guy's creepy voice combined with that sharp knife made me more than a little nervous about how this video would end.

  8. Thipher Banester says:

    oh wow, epic fucking protip there buddy. i had no clue that i could adjust the thickness of my own mushroom slices to suit my specific needs. thank you so much for that!!

  9. Aureos P says:

    Good guide. just talk a bit faster and less loud

  10. downstren says:

    Why do you sound so scary.. ;(

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