Cream Of Mushroom Soup & Chicken Casserole – The Cooking Show

Never use canned cream of mushroom soup again because Farideh’s got a recipe for that: homemade cream of mushroom soup for a simple chicken and wild rice casserole. This recipe is a two for one, starting with a soup made from veggie stock and dried shiitake mushrooms. Then, Farideh pays homage to her great aunt with a hearty and creamy casserole made with chicken thighs and wild rice.

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Scott Shoe

Can’t believe vice let her use white mushrooms white onion white salt White cream and white WHINE vinegar.
I thought diversity was our strength guys!?!?

Rachel Guillermo

Gurl! I’ve been making this dish for years! I’m so glad you made a video of it🥰

Ps You should stalk Pete Davidson cause I would Love to see that happen!!🤣😝

felicia albanese

That looks delicious. I just looked up how to grow mushrooms. I saw the example of yours where did you find the bag

Moose Chip

For years Id always claim mushrooms were my fav vegetable, learning that is it not a vegetable, it is a fungi. But yeah important to note in those "50,000~" species of mushrooms, about 2,000 are edible. Don't be experimenting on wild mushrooms!!


omg. im going to make this tonight… im def using canned cream of mushroom tho. lol.


That shirt is to die for. I will occupy Google until I find one and have it delivered to my house.
Hopefully Farideh is in it when it arrives 😀

Juan Blanco

Mmmmm I can’t wait to try a and make this!!!! 🤤🤤🤤🤤

Aaron J.S. Pixelbeard

Okay so I'm making this right meow. I made a stock out of crab and lobster shells and some mushroom stock as well as chicken stock. I'm gonna finish the soup tonight and heat some scallops and crab through tomorrow when I finish. Oh! And some smashed Neue(sp?) Potatoes instead of rice.

Raya Salter

Hi! I wanted to make something comforting and familiar yet so yum for my parents and this caught my eye… so delicious, worked out really well, thank you. The wild rice and home made soup was primo! My one kinda question… the recipe page suggested like 30 minutes or more after the first hour. I did like 15 additional but if I had done more I’m pretty sure it would have dried out. Maybe a lower temp to do the full time? Anyway, thank you!

Hugo Hugenotten

I´ve thrown away better meals than this. Wow.. disgusting!

USCM PFC W. Hudson

@petedavidsonSNL dude come get that ass. she's a great cook!

Alyssa Najm

YUM! Made this tonight for my family. Topped our plates with the extra mushroom soup which I recommend. For sure going to become a staple in our house—easy and delish. 11/10


I have that shirt!!!! I didn’t know I could love you and the cooking show more than I already do


I followed this recipe to a tee!! Except I used can mushroom soup and boneless chicken thighs!! But!! It still came out F'n 💣💥

thanks for saying what we're all thinking. a supreme pizza can go fuck itself

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