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Our Favorite Chocolate Chips for All Your Baking (or Snacking) Needs

Jack Bishop challenges Julia to a tasting of dark chocolate chips.

Buy our winning dark chocolate chips:

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  1. Roberto Loaiza Alamo says:

    Video de YouTube chevere! 🟦

  2. Angela Riebli says:

    YAY!! I feel validated with my choice of chocolate chips!

  3. David Poland says:

    I only get Guittard, which is pretty clean. Corn syrup in some brands turns me off. Gardelli is not a quality brand, it uses GMOs. No thanks.

  4. Joseph Wiese says:

    I find all levels & sizes of chocolate chips at/by ALDI's to be exceptionally good too, and you can't beat the price either.

  5. Dana Cheong says:

    I love Lily's. Their keto baking chips are yum!

  6. Jack Potter says:

    I already use the "winner". They melt so nicely to cover my caramels and pecan turtles.

  7. sharon betcher says:

    I eat sugar- free choc chips

  8. Babs Bylow says:

    Anyone interested in giving the Ghirardelli a try before purchasing, head over to a Jimmy John's and get their cookie.
    It contains all three of their chips, dark, milk, and white.
    Though I must admit the white are off puttingly hard, I assume from excess starches in them.

  9. coderspy says:

    When making fudge out of chocolate chips, I found Ghirardelli to be the worst one for melting., even though I was using Milk Chocolate. The melting quality of Ghirardelli was more like dark chocolate, whereas Hershey's melts the best, but I don't care for the sour milk aftertaste of it, so I always end up using Nestle.

  10. Stephen Parker says:

    Am also a fan of Guittard. It is indeed the best in cookies. For bar chocolate, have you included Trader Joe’s Belgian dark that come in 13 oz bars? The 60% dark and the 70% baking chocolate are my go-tos for baking bars, especially for Italian recipes. Excellent tobacco and leather notes in my torta caper se.

  11. Ima Me says:

    Anything but the devil company that is Nestle

  12. M K V says:

    My favorite is Dove

  13. GaiaOne says:

    Ambrosia semisweet chocolate chips…wonderful.

  14. Elizabeth Ingram says:

    Gittard, by far, tastes best in cookies. There’s a reason that it tastes the way it does… you should try Gittard.

  15. vlmellody51 says:

    I'm glad to know that my favorite chocolate chip is also the best one, according to the tasters and atk.

  16. Pauline Pryde says:

    Stop feeding your face

  17. tmg1262 says:

    What about doing anything low-carb/keto without bad things like MSG in it? Using real food for real flavor

  18. Lori Sutherland says:

    Girradhelli makes the best chips

  19. Rikki Tikki Tavi says:

    Jack, just let Julia taste and decide her favorite before you tell her what she needs to pick! That would be a true taste test. It’s not a healthy test or an elite ingredients test. The way you do it makes it seem like she’s going to win or lose. She likes what she likes.

  20. With the flavor profiles, this is making me wonder if mixing the brands would have any interesting effects.

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