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What Happens If You Use Wax Paper Instead of Parchment Paper? | Food 101 | Well Done

Recipe: Wax paper and parchment paper seem interchangeable, but there’s one critical difference that you need to know.

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What Happens If You Use Wax Paper Instead of Parchment Paper? | Food 101 | Well Done


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  1. Ira Oden says:

    Thank you. I was about to burn up something.

  2. Smooth Snailing says:

    Ok, but can i use wax paper to steam?

  3. Baylan Maverick Legacy says:

    never used parchment, always used tinfoil but my pizzas always stick to it an it drive me nuts having to pick bits of foil off my pizza pies lol, by the time i get it unfoiled my pizzas cold ! Thank you for this knowhow 😀

  4. DMMMX1 says:

    Thank u for the info!

  5. CWard says:

    I use wax paper for baking all the time if I don’t have parchment (under cookies, bottom of cake pan, etc). Zero problems

  6. John Cohenour says:

    Two layers parchment one wax on top for seal

  7. T. K. Abrams says:

    The wax paper box says ots best for use in baking and food storage lol It says to line a cake pan with it.

  8. LovableMe137 says:

    Thank you so much !!

  9. Ma Little World says:

    Can i use wax paper for cake baking in cooker??? Plz reply

  10. Shanthi says:

    Thanks dear 💕

  11. Charles Bee says:

    aren't you a cutie ! 🥰

  12. Sheila Yungk says:

    Thank you so much for answering my question. I see many thankful people below as well!!! It cannot be used in the oven!!!!

  13. tropicthea says:

    hey um i put wax paper in the oven and its steaming um

  14. Vidhi Mehta says:

    Hi, some ppl make butter paper at home, by applying butter on normal paper. Is it safe to use in an oven? If yes, then upto what temperature?

  15. Dilshaad Aubdool says:


  16. Zusette Rodriguez says:

    I have just one question, on the instructions of the wax paper it says that I can use it to line cakes when baking for easy release
    So, can o can I not use it for baking?

  17. Rahmat Begum says:

    How to remove the parchment that sticks in the biscuits?

  18. ilove Macarons says:

    hi! would like to ask if parchment paper has expiration? thank you.🥰

  19. Mariam Mohsen says:

    Hello i have wax paper that's written to be safe with oven under 180°c ,would that be true?

  20. andy georgiou says:

    Thank yooouuuu! You answered why my bread stuck on the paper… reason I used wax paper to bake my bread, and it stuck, badly! I’ll use genuine Parchment paper next time. Love you lots. Xxx

  21. Derek Coleman says:

    Am I the only one a huge fan of her lisp 🥰🤪😂

  22. trickshotmonkey says:


  23. kathy walker says:

    Thank You

  24. Joyce Celine Asuque says:

    oh freak I used wax paper to bake my cookies and oh-oh a little wax paper was stuck to the bottom cookies but we just ate it anyway lol

  25. GI JOSH says:

    Thank you!

  26. Isabella H says:

    I used wax paper to line my jiggly cheesecake reeeeeeeee it came out fine, but I am sure that it is unsafe (the showing edges were brown though).

  27. kavitha Sreeramula says:

    I need a pack of baking wax paper ill give money to you or subscribe

  28. Ronald Cornish says:


  29. shoyru166166 says:

    wax paper belongs in my garbage and parchment paper belongs in the pantry

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