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The BEST Whiskey for Old Fashioned Cocktails? | Bourbon vs Rye | Video Podcast 12

Erin and Josh dive into the cocktail that got both of them interested in whiskey–the old fashioned. Using both bourbon and rye, they taste two old fashioned and discuss which the better base spirit is for this classic cocktail. For a simple Old Fashioned recipe, check out

Holbrook Wood Company —


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  1. Jay G says:

    WHISKEY CHEERS. Have you tried It's Bourbon Night's Southern Old Fashioned. The only thing I do different (besides Whiskeys I might use depending on what I have available) is add a splash of Soda water and orange peel. This southern old fashioned is a big hit here with Friends and Family.

  2. Aidan says:

    Ooh this is a fun idea. Redemption makes a high rye bourbon and i have yet to find a better cocktail whiskey. Best of both worlds.

  3. Tim Fehn says:

    Went to a tasting where they used brandy instead of whiskey for the old fashioned and it was pretty darn good.

  4. Robert Predl says:

    You two have become my favorite bourbon couple, sorry Bourbon Night.

  5. Jason C. says:

    Congrats on 1k subs! Many more milestones to come I'm sure.

  6. Lyle Schoch says:

    Good stuff. Cheers.

  7. Chad Scharver says:

    Italian margaritas are tasty, with amaretto. 👍

  8. Kanden Keo says:

    Pikeville rye, thank me later. It's expensive for a mixer but it's the best imo.

  9. Whisky Lovers Society says:

    Nice review. Cheers

  10. Michael Wride says:

    Great video, I love Old fashioned drinks and I prefer Rye.

  11. The Bourbon Van says:

    Good stuff! Loved what you said about coffee and your journey. Also, Chili’s strawberry frozen margarita is Julie’s longtime guiltiest pleasure. Terrible idea for you from Phil: marga-rye-ta. Cheers!

  12. Ed Stergar says:

    Congrats on the 1000 sub mark!! Cheers!! Good video, my girlfriend and I did this a while back… bourbon v rye in the old fashioned.. both of us picked the rye.. we prefer either Knob Creek Rye or Michters Rye..

  13. WISCO MARIO says:

    Congratulations on getting over 1k subs. Definitely love the channel

  14. Rick L says:

    That was a fun video. My go to for Old Fashioned's is Four Roses Single Barrel. It has just enough rye to balance the cocktail. A close second is Old Forester Rye (great bang for your buck). Cheers!!

  15. Whiskey Wimps says:

    Got heavy into old fashioned's at the beginning of Covid. My absolute favorite old fashioned to date is simple syrup, angostura, orange peel, a little water, my special homemade Kusko ice and some Rare Breed 😎 Good times, great oldies

  16. ORIF Screw says:

    Rye for Old Fashions, Sweet Bourbon for Manhattans.

  17. ORIF Screw says:

    No cheap vermouth for a Manhattan either

  18. TylersEclectic says:

    Love it! keep these awesome videos coming!

  19. Mike Cossette says:

    You guys are terrific, keep it up!

  20. iseedumbppol says:

    It's Bourbon Night's Southern Old Fashioned is my current go-to recipe at home. 👍

  21. Jon Poetzl says:

    I would recommend using a higher proof base, rye or bourbon, Bulleit comes in at 90, try with a 100+ proof and see what you think

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