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Grilled Chicken Thighs – The Secrets to Grilling Perfect Chicken Thighs

This video will teach you how to grill chicken thighs on a charcoal grill. We’ll share tips and tricks on how to grill perfect chicken thighs EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

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  1. Kaleb Broadhead says:

    I see your channel is still a little "small" right now with just over 2k subscribers, but I just wanted to chime in and say you're doing a good job.

  2. I think I am says:

    99 cents a pound for boneless thighs? Are you sure its chicken still?
    That's cheaper than India! Wtf….
    It's about $2 per pound here…

  3. Derek Jordan says:

    I prefer skin on and bones in. On the grill, I keep the temp around 300. Start with skin up and cook for about 10 minutes, or till they start to drip. Then I flip them and just barely sear the skin. When the skin starts to render, flip them back and let that skin drip through for 20-25 minutes. You do have to babysit them…move them around to prevent flare-ups. When they stop dripping vigorously, flip them back to skin side down and get a final sear to crisp up the skin. Best thing about bone-in thighs: you can cook them FOREVER and they won't dry out. Just leave 'em on till they stop dripping.

  4. leesuper73 says:

    Stopped watching after you said remove skin..

  5. Quan says:

    Remove the skin??? Im removing my eyes from this video.

  6. Mrs Victor says:

    I don't like to watch shows where you don't have the spices and the seasonings accurate. I want to cook right then and enjoy. But anyway… God bless

  7. James Johnson says:

    Good tip about using different tongs. I always periodically dip the tongs in the flames to "sanitize" them but using another pair is more foolproof.

  8. Christopher Pfeiffer says:


  9. Bit Goblin says:

    Jojo spice rub will make you go Rero rero rero rero rero rero rero rero rero rero rero rero rero rero rero !

  10. Little Loca says:

    Arrrgh! That background music.

  11. K. Theodos says:

    I stack the coals to one side of kettle and indirect cook the thighs until they're about 140 degrees. Then I slide them over above the coals to finish them up. Best temp for me is 170*.

  12. Jack Webb says:

    I suggest to butterfly the thicker part of the thigh for more even cooking

  13. Ronnie J Dio says:

    Lit we rally the made the best chicken thighs I've ever had 2 weeks ago. Did not agree with anything this guy said or did here. Differe.t strokes.

  14. J. Blook says:

    Sorry no skin no watch.Plus the music is terrible.

  15. Cleetus PBR says:

    Bone makes it harder to cook and boneless cooks quicker? Uhh, think you got that backwards…time to find another video

  16. Chelsea Guerin says:

    Love this!

  17. Miguel Saucedo says:

    Came for the grilling tips specifically – exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

  18. Eric Ramirez says:

    Leave the skin on just go indirect.

  19. Paul S says:

    I stopped watching when he said no skin. And he prefers boneless?? Gtf outta here dude🤣🤣

  20. dontswin says:

    Who in their right mind would heave the skin away? That helps give the amazing flavor not to mention it assists in preventing the chicken from drying out. You must have went to culinary school for the Queen or some earthy crunchy Richard Simmons school of chubbys or some shit. I would never, ever cook thighs with out the skin…might just as well get some freakin skinless breasts instead. But if you do you better put some water in a can among the briquettes or they are prone to drying out like no one's business. Did you really go to school for cooking?

  21. Noah Cristian says:

    Did you really take the skin off the chicken thigh?

  22. CJ Grayson says:

    Woow it looks really Juicy 🤤 Love your channel Joey!!💯💯

  23. Charlie Brennan says:

    Nice shoes!!! Love em

  24. Kashif Haque says:

    oh what's a lil bit of salmonella gon do

  25. Danny Boone says:

    What a fake. Chicken is not red meat. Smh to all that liked this video , shou6be ashamed of yourselves

  26. Vin DiGregorio says:

    There is NO WAY I would remove the skin to BBQ them.. I'm sure you're awesome, but I have to respectfully disagree there.

  27. John Stuart says:

    I’ve never cooked thighs on the bbq without. This really helped make it super easy. And they were delicious. Thanks

  28. Todd Banning says:

    You have no idea wtf you're talking about

  29. lobotomystitches says:

    Immediately had to like this channel – we have the exact same kitchen counter top

  30. Smiling Snow Squirel says:

    Today you won my view because you have “thighs”.
    Thanks for the video recipe. 👍👍

  31. italianballbreaker says:

    Boneless skinless all the way
    Sear both sides then constantly turning. I don’t mind spending time in front of the grill. Chicken comes out juicy. Great video and channel. Keep it up 👍🏻

  32. Koen Rens says:

    Useless video if you don't buy their seasoning. No clue how it would taste.

  33. Multiple flipping is a good tip.

  34. Subhayu Mishra says:

    Boneless and skinless basically makes it grilled soya.

  35. Adrian Hopkins says:

    Almost lost me at remove the skin lol. But to each their own. It’s all BBQ love baby!

    Good video!

  36. al jorgy says:


  37. UniKorny says:

    "you remove the skin"
    ok.. Ill keep looking.. sinner

  38. Jeff Hall says:

    Lost me at "remove the skin"… I grill them skin side down until the skin is crisp then I flip them and shut the lid (about 450°) on my BGE until they're up to temp.

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