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Which Celebrity Makes The Best French Toast?

We made 4 famous french toast recipes from Oprah, Kylie Jenner, Jason Derulo, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Who has the best recipe? Let’s find out!
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2018 LA Family Housing Awards – Red Carpet
Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images
Premiere Of OWN’s “David Makes Man” – Red Carpet
Rachel Luna/Getty Images
Jason Derulo’s Just For You Foundation’s Inaugural “Heart Of Haiti” Gala – Arrivals
Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
2018 MTV Video Music Awards – Arrivals
Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

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  1. Aaron williams says:

    I’m trying eat more French Toast than last time!!! So I’m going to have to crown my doctor as the Champ of French Toast and therefore my favourite one.

  2. Taeshi says:

    I think I would prefer Oprah's French toast. Cuz it's kind of unique and it's something I would actually end up making. Also the last one seemed good but I feel like it would be bland in the inside?

  3. Echo Otc says:

    yessss oprah wins!

  4. thomas nickerson says:

    They all looked disgusting, I’ll stick to my Hawaiian French toast.

  5. Cito Farrah says:

    I think you secretly wanted Oprah to win so you can say 'you get a French toast and you get a French toast' 😄


    this is a crime

  7. SUMMER says:

    I really just thought the rock is gonna win

  8. Donna says:

    The judges are annoying

  9. Sue Burton says:

    Oprah doesn't even cook……

  10. morganie6067 says:

    Every single one looked disgusting

  11. No'Shit Sherlock says:

    Kylie jenner don't cook 😂😂

  12. David Carcamo says:

    All of these are terrible

  13. So Fee says:

    Who tf puts a “crunchy coating” on French toast.. it’s gonna be a no from me..

  14. This is…. not what a french toast is…..

  15. Rezha Adrian Tanuharja says:

    Am I the only one who hate whipped cream?

  16. Kakak Zarra says:

    I like oprah 's french toast

  17. Kakak Zarra says:

    its so sad that lucky charm have gelatin and i read on internet used fat of composed pig and fat of pig i cannot eat it but captain crunch peanut butter, oreos,and rainbow colour are my favourite and reeses pices

  18. get out says:

    je te jure y recall sa des french toast je les bats a mort

  19. Skinny Stick says:

    Who else is watching this eating French toast

  20. Eli Dagdagan says:

    Yum Yum Yum

  21. Tyra Blodgett says:


  22. Krystalyn Nicole says:

    Moldy hashbrown 😂😂

  23. True challenge Productions says:

    I would eat all of those lol

  24. Haochen Tang says:


  25. Marco Borja says:

    Jenner don't cook

  26. Manha Ferzan says:

    tf even is jason derulo's?

  27. Preston Wright says:

    as soon as i saw the rainbow toast i knew it was gonna be jason

  28. Aether Mains says:

    Welcome back to, Worst judges ever!

  29. amber cotton says:

    I like basis ass french toast that's nice and extra cuatardy. I'd I'm feeling frisky I like sliced toasted almonds or juicy raisins that have been somewhat rehydrated in boiling cinnamon water. I HATE maple flavor so yeah I love butter flavored pancake syrup.

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