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Hangover cure explained by a real doctor. ER Doctor Jordan Wagner explains the best hangover cure / how to cure a hangover and how to prevent and avoid hangovers. Hangover cures, hangover causes, and hangover prevention explain by a real doctor. It’s like having the flu, except you literally gave this massive headache to yourself and you’ll probably do it again. If you don’t want to feel hungover but you consider yourself a giant partier on the weekend, listen up. Follow these scientifically analyzed tips and life hacks and you’ll wake up on your way to being a normal, functioning human again. If you’re feeling hungover after drinking alcohol and causing self dehydration and getting drunk this tutorial video will help. Doctor Wagner will give you 5 tips on how to get rid of a hangover but also prevent a bad hangover from ever happening. These hangover tips aren’t just your basic hangover remedies, consider them life hacks. Do you have any hangover remedies, tips to prevent or relieve a hangover? Comment your hangover tips below and give this video a like!


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Doctor ER

Do you have a hangover cure-all or prevention that you swear by? Sound off in the comments! Let’s hear them!

Texas Mike

I tend to drink pickle juice. Though any brand of pickle juice that I've tried has helped I swear by Del Dixie Pickle (Best Maid) juice. The headache seems to vanish after a drink of it. Though it doesn't last all day, reupping on the pickle juice seems to work well.

J Garcia

Oh good to see the method I was taught on here. I always drink the same amount of water as I do alcohol. I've only ever been hungover once.

BamBamBoo Yaaj

I'm here cause I've drowned my liver over the course of several years. I'm only 25 but my recovery rate has diminished.

Tae Rhee

My best hangover cure before and after is an anti inflammatory like tylenol before sleep and gym the day I'm hungover. Idk why but they always helped me

Zach Hawn

The 1 to 1 water ratio is popular in Tennessee as a type of shot called a "Jigger-Chaser" it's taking a shot of water either before or after a shot of whiskey
Also my go-to cure is a tripe soup called "menudo"

Mustache Ham

The thing I do to prevent hangovers is:
1. be hydrated, have some water/seltzer with the alcohol on the side.
2. Fruit juice or something with real fruit. Like salsa and chips. Loads of vitamins and minerals. Eat with the beverage, helps prevent future munchies too.

Works 100%, I haven't had a hangover for years.

I had 2 beers, 2 shots, and 2 long Islands ………………. oooooooo I feel like SHIT!!!!!!!!!! On top of that I'm 37 now so hangovers last ALL DAY NOW! Stop aging while you can!

Amanda Smith

It's Friday night. Y'all best believe I'm clicking on this 😂

ruben santos

Hi. Milk is also a good way to prevent an Hangover? People allways Said that to me. Is that true?


I don’t get hangovers cause I don’t drink throughout the night, and get plenty of sleep afterwards, but if on the way home late in the evening I’m wasted, I make sure I’ve ordered cheese bread before I leave the pub.
It makes the drunkenness less a problem, don’t know why.

Taiya Dennis

As a alcoholic honestly if you don't want a hangover or to even get to that point drink water lots and lots of water especially before passing out water with ice I've found helps alot haven't had a hangover personally in a long long time love the videos.

I love how over bodies are able to deal with most things much more efficiently but they just refuse to.

Baked Jesus

I quit having hangovers when I eat a spoonful of sugar the night of drinking before I go to bed

I have no idea if these have contributed to my never had a hangover streak but I'll go for these always. I eat normally throughout the day, drink water and before going to sleep I always eat something super greasy, usually a pizza. I also tend to dance a lot when I'm drunk so I move a lot. 😀 My friends do not appreciate my no hangovers since I tend to wake up early & full of energy. I usully go for a run, clean a bit then gleefully and loudly wake up everyone else. Then I watch them suffer their hangovers cackling as it's free entertaintment.

Gretchen Goebel

It would be cool if he reacted to Cells at work/Cells at work Black

Fred Meyer

I always take potassium and magnesium before drinking. I’m not going to lie I’m a binge drinker. I take my shots with a bottle of water.


Great video Doctor Jordan! I drink coconut water the night of drinking, and the day after. I think it helps to prevent a hangover. 🙂

Patras Phantom

The best way to fight a hangover is to not get one! Stay healthy, stay sober guys!

Chino Francisco

Hey doc i heard drinking a shot of whiskey will help out when you're sick is that true or is that just a myth lol?

Romain Savioz

0:33 you can't have a hangover if you don't stop drinking 😀

Jenn Barlow

I swear by frozen yogurt sounds crazy but it works every time

Ooo… Thank god there's no alcohol drinks around place where i live.

But I'll keep this information for future.

john doe

Needed this after last night 😂

My cure for less intense hangovers is lemon water in the morning

Michael Zomick

These hangover cure tips were really helpful. Thank you!

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