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I Tested EVERYONES Chocolate Chip Cookies- Binging w Babish, Rosanna Pansino, Joshua Weissman,

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  1. atlys says:

    It's typical to cook/bake with unsalted butter to better control the salt level.
    Normally I love my cookies chewy, but when it comes to chocolate chip I won't eat them unless they're thin, crispy, & caramelized like the 2nd batch. 🤤🤤🤤

  2. Adrian Sutton says:

    #1 and #4 look like my ideal cookies. I'm not crazy about crunchy cookies and #3 looks like a heart attack in a bowl.

  3. Din Djarin says:

    I agree with you 100% I hate chopping chocolate and how it flies everywhere!!!

  4. telecom_shaun says:

    Weissman's recipe is like a Levain variation, especially the size. I prefer Stella Parks' variation of this the best….

  5. Candidily Koop says:

    Omg!! I'm in the curiositystream episode 'history of food' and knowing that David watched me when I'm literally always watching him is MIND BLOWING!

  6. Mason Heidger says:

    Yeah I'm gonna go ahead and say it. Cinnamon does NOT belong in a choc chip cookie.

  7. simplicated99 says:

    I hate crispy cookies. Just like I hate cakey brownies

  8. Hiba Fatima says:


  9. Ridiculina says:

    Nom nom. Great video! Just wanted to clarify that if you want to make powdered sugar as you mention in this video, don’t forget to add some corn starch (aprox a tablespoon to a cup). If you blend granulated sugar only, you’ll end op with superfine sugar, what they call caster sugar in the U.K.

  10. VampI - says:

    Does anyone know if these recipes work the same if you use a different type of flour?

  11. Mixolosopher says:

    HIGHLY recommend ChefSteps Cookie Calculator – They go into serious detail about how the different ingredients affect the final cookie. Their video is here: and there are links to their website on there.

  12. Ann Sidbrant says:

    No c*n*a*o* in chocolate chip cookies!!!


    9:37 it barely fits on the damn plate HAHA

  14. karenlaw43 says:

    You missed Alvins 48 hour cookies! Unsalted butter is a bee quality butter so that’s why most bakers use unsalted butter

  15. Michael Johnson says:

    davids head left his shoulders when he bit that Babish cookie.

  16. Nash Vanvelzen says:

    alvins cookies

  17. Great Show! Babish Wins!

  18. BGL ! says:

    Powder sugar has corn starch in it it’s not just blended sugar

  19. Alpha Virii says:

    You didn't try this one… mistakes were made….

  20. Kieran Carlson says:

    Alvins recipe wasnt here 🙁

  21. James Trenda says:

    P.s. my personal favorite is the Pan-Bang from Sarah Kieffer. Have you tried these yet?

  22. James Trenda says:

    I appreciate how each cookie was different from the others. By the way, are you trying to be the white version of YourAvgConsumer or is it just a coincidence? I swear if you were talking about an Apple or Sony product and I closed my eyes, I’d have thought I was watching him. Also, by the way, this is a compliment to you. 🙂

  23. James Grayson says:

    How do you leave Jacques Torres cookies out of this ?

  24. Randomsoul 99 says:

    I’m disliking this because joshua’s is the best 😡

  25. Kotmani Abdlaziz says:

    he looks like elon if he was social

  26. hazel is so cool says:

    honestly, as an irish person you have no idea how surprised i was when i saw kerry gold here, but just a heads up, the american measurement “a stick of butter” has always been the bane of my existence as irish sticks of butter are way bigger

  27. Shawn says:

    When he says to make brown butter but doesn't actually brown the butter…

  28. Joshua Freirez says:

    The wandering revolve simplistically whirl because red dimensionally hug beyond a smelly spain. thin, nonchalant rutabaga

  29. Kevin Barton says:

    Babish’s cookies are even better if you let them sit in the fridge for at least 2 days.

  30. Natalie Tsin-Yi says:

    Please try Claire Saffitz/Dessert Person's!!!

  31. Toffsen100 says:

    Just made the Weissmann cookies myself. Tasty, but then I made the mistake of calculating the calories. One cookie of that size easily nets you almost exactly 1000kcal

  32. Awoke Roses says:

    Hi I just began baking, I want thoughts on which channel has the best baking recipes? And specifically for cookie, What’s the best you’ve tried?

  33. Fill@PieNo! says:


  34. ghifar akbar says:

    7:16 I always freeze my cutting board and my knife before chopping chocolate

  35. Katrina Festejo says:

    Face off ur best vs claire saffitz

  36. Shane Stark says:

    This is Joshua’s chocolate chip cookie recipe. What david did is a copy cat improved version from levain.

  37. Missgrace97 says:

    Omg chef John and his lemon meringue bars are soooo good! The best recipe in my opinion I could find.

  38. god is dead says:

    lmao that is not browned butter

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