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4 Levels of Chicken Soup: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

For this episode of ‘4 Levels,’ we challenged chefs of three different levels – an amateur, a home cook and a professional – to make their versions of chicken soup. Once each of them had completed their culinary creation, we brought in a food scientist to review their work. Whose version of the classic sick-day remedy looks the most appetizing to you?

Check out the level 3 recipe on the ICE blog:

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4 Levels of Chicken Soup: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious

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  1. Hobo Joe says:

    White meat will get dry though.

  2. Whale Dupon says:

    The friendly art unfortunately spare because seagull hisologically back out a lacking burglar. careless, keen jasmine

  3. Richard Williams IV says:

    Frank is the only soup that I would try. He knows the chemistry and physics of cooking and how to use that to get amazing flavors.

  4. We all know Mexican style chicken soup is the best! We add potatoes, cilantro, white rice and homemade tomato sauce

  5. Mayuri Shrivastava says:

    I was not a able to concentrate on the amateur one because he has a red forehead and I am wondering why
    Can someone answer this please

  6. Сергей Калиновский says:

    3ways are good

  7. Isaac Beeby says:

    I really don't like chicken breast in general. It's so hard to cook it right and it's so easy to make it dry. It's also really stringy

  8. Isaac Beeby says:

    Whenever I watch one of these, I always hope that Frank is the level 3 chef. I really like him. I like Lorenzo as the level 2 chef even more, but he's not here today. Sad face.

  9. Faramund says:

    So what happens with the vegetables they used for the broth, they just threw it away? May as well reuse it right? Put it in at the end.

  10. Faramund says:

    This guy really likes white meat.

  11. Atharv More says:

    Four and a half minutes in, the level 1 guy hasn't even cut the vegetables.

  12. Dirt Rules says:

    the level one black Chef have sex with the chicken before he made the soup

  13. Flower Cat says:

    No one:

    Absolutely no one:

    Me: torturing myself by looking at my favorite soup in the middle of summer

  14. Jawaher Alshaikh says:

    This is my first time loving level 3's recipe

  15. Ayu D. Prameswari says:

    "What is that? Who is she? She's saffron." Iconic

  16. ウマロ says:

    john: "tastes like mom's"

    john's mom is a level 1 chef

  17. Old white bald fat guy is handsom, 👍

  18. David Lopez says:

    Frank looks like the search results for “cute chef clip art” he’s adorable is that just me?

  19. Flower of Ash says:

    Lah itu cewe disuruh bikin sop ayam malah bikin soto ayam

  20. Tundra14 says:

    I'd eat all three

  21. Cool Gaiming says:

    You sure that a level one chef

  22. Audrey Vasquez says:

    Me after doing a 5 minutes work out 2:08

  23. Alexis Ang says:

    The amateur chicken soup looks kinda bad

  24. KayAyeAre says:

    John feels like a level 3 chef thats being forced to be a level 1 chef

  25. Selena Lulamoon says:

    Can we talk about how sweet john is for routinely making his mothers recipes on the show? Like he referenced her in the taco videon?

  26. William Wightman says:

    Frank: we have a little bit of thyme!
    Haha, no pun intended

  27. William Wightman says:

    Frank: I swam to France and went to the alps to collect my chicken.

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