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Backyard BBQ…and my BEST grilled chicken marinade 💯 | Ep 3 Marion's Kitchen Australia

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Marion Grasby is a food producer, television presenter and cookbook author who’s had a life-long love affair with Asian food.

Marion is a little bit Thai (courtesy of her mum) and a little bit Australian (courtesy of her dad).

​Marion lives in Bangkok, Thailand and travels throughout Asia to find the most unique and delicious Asian food recipes, dishes and ingredients.

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  1. Christoo Hunders says:

    I just adore when you laugh

  2. Binh Nguyen says:

    Whyd you take the handle off the weber?

  3. Christoo Hunders says:

    When your kids are raised, if you ever want to make business on a new level, why not open several restaurants, it would be impossible for you not to succeed.

  4. Ymiellee Dela Umbria Doroga says:

    Really love it at the lake

  5. The Man says:

    Great recipes, amazing production!!!

  6. Opulence ZTV says:


  7. Maralynne says:

    Such a beautiful family. Love to see this! You have such a calming presence Marion and your recipies are amazing. Thank you ❤

  8. T T says:

    Going to buy that picnic grill tomorrow 😋❤️👍

  9. laurence espiritu says:

    Hi Marion!i'm your new subscriber.I am from Philippines but im here now in Dubai ,i worked here for 9 yrs now. I love all your recipes and really love to try making them.Thank you for your wonderful and tasty recipe.Goodluck to you and Hope you are all well .Keep safe!

  10. Miu Miu says:

    So nice to see you with the fam bam ❤️

  11. Greenwood&Reid says:

    Where did you get that bbq? I love it!

  12. Sèèrat says:

    Such a delightful video ❤
    Ecstatic 🌟🔥💞

  13. Emily E says:

    Love including your family and Australian nature!

  14. GloDemo says:

    I purchased my first pestle & mortar because of you! I had no idea I could use it to make marinades and so much more. I am thrilled! 😍😍

  15. Noni Fawzia says:

    I love ur recipe, love u, and love to see ur happiness w ur fam.. Wish u happiness forever, Marion..

  16. Romari Faye Macalinao says:

    I thought that you'll forget to say that you're a legs and thighs girl 😀 Stay safe Marion and family! <3

  17. Anton Boludo says:

    This is a real BBQ, with charcoal and/or wood.

    Those propane units are actually gas grills. They are fine too, but the end flavour is not the same.

    Bon appétit!

  18. Qwerty Qwert says:

    So beautiful

  19. Allyson Messina says:

    What portable grill is she using??!

  20. steven friend says:

    Where did you buy this grill I’m looking for something similar, there’s just something about cooking with charcoal that adds so much flavour

  21. Shafeen Mustaq says:

    Can you please do a video on how to light and use that small bbq? I live in an apartment and have a small portable bbq but lighting a fire takes so long that I hardly use it.

  22. raji anuruddika says:

    It's time to BBQ.Amazing,and love ur BBQ

  23. shanice routh says:

    Your food looks amazing as usual! My mom hates cilantro but when I make food she doesn’t mind because I don’t use enough for her to really taste it.

  24. Sophia Cadiz says:

    First time to see your beautiful family

  25. Olga Syropyatova says:

    Love all your recipes, darling. Thank you for sharing with us. Can it be done in an oven?

  26. Amanda Torres says:

    At first I was skeptical about this recipe since I’ve never used these ingredients before, but hands down this is the BEST grilled chicken marinade EVER.

  27. Andrea K says:

    I made this today, including the slaw and it was amazing! I'm trying it again with some turkey thighs I have on hand this weekend. In the US, they don't really sell the cilantro bunch with the root on but I still used the ends anyway and it turned out fine.

  28. Christina Tan says:

    Can you used the coriander powder?

  29. Joseph Liang says:

    I’m making this tonight for dinner 🙏

  30. maria serrano says:

    I always love the way you do your cooking videos your way of presenting your recipe for the day, your style of giving cooking tips I soo love it Marion! and when it's tasting time with your finished product.. ah! … you're the best! always watching from Philippines!

  31. Fontaine Mullins says:

    I used to really dislike coriander, but I kept at it (had it with salads, curries, etc) and now I can't get enough of it!

  32. Sandra Finney says:

    I'm excited to see how many subscribers you have now, almost a million!! We all love you Marion, your style of cooking, happy and genuine personality, awesome recipes. You're relatable, inspiring, and very beautiful. You have a lovely family.

  33. Janith Chandralal says:

    It's very good….
    What do you think about our

  34. Ghani Alamilla says:

    What can be used to replace spring onions?

  35. Cory Castro says:


  36. Hanna F says:

    When you mentioned that smoky bbq chicken smell in Bangkok, i could almost smell it as well 😌 the chicken looks great!

  37. Ultimate.. Very Very Impressive.. Simply Unique

  38. Pushkar Kumar says:

    I thought that you were living in Thailand. Btw Australia is a great place to be.

  39. RT RMCHRN says:

    Awesome recipe, very very easy and soooo yummy! Reminds me of my trip to Malaysia! Thank you so much! Aartie

  40. Kit Fox56 says:

    No sinking bbq this time 🤣

  41. Lady Five foot 1 says:

    Just started to watch your videos , so cool that you cook outside

  42. Michael Pham says:

    I wonder if Marion likes chicken thighs and legs?? 🤔🤔

  43. Galih Ratna says:

    love this outdoor looks, please do more cooking outdoor

  44. Madlene Staermose says:

    Love your cooking and style

  45. Mark Howell says:

    Will like to have a taste of that

  46. J McB says:

    You are one of the best cooks on the planet!

  47. Wheat Husk says:

    What brand of soy sauce do you recommend? The ones we get here in Canada are all runny and yours looks richer and thicker.

  48. Sarah Joseph says:

    Is was born in thiland
    I love your videos they make me happy to watch lovely videos

  49. Mrs Victor says:

    But what about outside bugs? Me no likey 😆

  50. Chin S says:

    I am so happy to watching you..

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