Beef-a-Roni For Dinner – WARNING This Will Make You Hungry!!!

This is a video of BeefaRoni being made with ground beef. This is one of the best ground beef recipes ever. so sit back, relax and enjoy the simmering sounds of this great meal. How to make Beef A Roni .

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I don't see anything wrong with this video. People just want to be mean for the heck of it.None of these people have any cooking vids on their channels.


I liked it…I cooked it before…I used other hamburger helpers…simple and fast…

Aporillo Giralyn

Do you really need to hit the pot every time 馃槣this makes me crazy馃ぃ

Larry Bing

Oh.,. put Doritos on the bottom, chesse and sour cream on top…YMMMM….

Thomas Darby

Lol. Hamburger Helper being helped! –and BTW, NEVER cooked the garlic before the onions. Garlic burns easily and makes the flavor bitter. Add garlic last.

Sonja Lareinadelsur

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Wow, I'm amazed at how a person could want to simply share how they make a meal with the world and you get people who are immediately insulting and using every opportunity to bring that person down – essentially emotionally abusing him. Wow, this is emotionally violent. I wanted to watch beefaroni videos because it's my 13 year old son's favourite meal and I am not a huge fan so I wanted to get inspired to cook it, by watching YouTube videos. Seeing the response from "people" on here has made me feel sad.

Palupy Sari Upy

Makaroniny di rebus dulu terpisah. Di saring trs masukin ke daging.. Adeeh masaakny begitu

Steven Duplantis

I do this once a month! Little different though. Make two different dishes… Mac and cheese (more creamy!,,) brown meat with all the stuff u want, then mix together.! Don鈥檛 put noodles in the meat then try to make Mack and cheese. Not the same!! But looks good to me!


I liked this! It shows a cheap and easy way to spice up boxed hamburger helper with sauteed onions and some garlic. For a young adult who has never cooked, this could be very helpful. I also enjoyed the simplicity of the video with no loud music or talking. I usually cook the pasta separately but I'll try it all together. Thanks for posting!

Yeah I already knew what it was from the thumbnail, but I love me a bowl of hamburger helper

Derek Kelley

I threw up in my mouth over and over again. Seriously, was this a joke?

Edward Hartzell

Nope don't want it not even going to try it I'm a sous chef if it's not all made from scratch i don't want it using hamburger helper you you may as well go to taco bell or burger king or wend's or McDonald's.

Darryl Staw

…This is a joke right ? ? ? …This guy can't cook….Or boil water I'm thinkin'…

It's Mrs. Bossy Trick

I mean it looked good but it's just hamburger helper with onions… I've been making it like this since I was 13..

Patrick Hawes

Your the man!! Where were you when I was a bachelor!! I love it.

Louis Lombardelli

wow 3:04 Hamburger helper i should have read the comments 1st

Omg bro, I鈥檓 so hungry right now, been exercising to lose weight and I鈥檓 stuck looking at your videos of all these good foods, I鈥檓 still a beginner, can鈥檛 wait to make stuff like this man, food looks hella good!! 馃ズ

Kane GodChild

Looks good to me tho. I like the way he hit the spoon on the pot too 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃ぃ

Jesus is Lord

Love it!!! I remember when Hamburger Helper first came out. It was when, back in the day, they'd send samples of food products in the mail to try. Everyone in the neighborhood fell in love with it. I enjoy mines to this day with a salad and an ice cold glass of tea 馃槉

Barb Downing

I love 鉂わ笍 your videos! Ignore the crazy鈥檚 that have no life!

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