Does 1 Beer = 1 Glass of Wine = 1 Shot of Hard Liquor? The Math of a Standard Drink

They say that 1 beer is equal to 1 glass of wine which is also equal to 1 shot of hard liquor. But where does this formula come from, and it is useful in practical settings? We explore the math of a standard drink in America.

Note: All the units and definitions are for American customary units. Other countries have different definitions of a standard drink. The formula of a standard drink is given to be educational to explain the definition, and as the video explains, it is very easy to drink a different amount based on variations in alcohol content and serving sizes.

Online drink calculator:

The standard drink definition varies by country

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Troy Hayder

I would say that liquor>>wine>beer…

And the safest option out there is definitely beer…

Starts to fall apart when you realize how many glasses of beer or wine person is most likely to order vs how many cocktails
Also, most places don't make this fantasy "strong" cocktail. Alcohol is expensive. They tend to cut down on alcohol.

Whitney Bailey

Very helpful video…until that last completely unnecessary and unhelpful comment. If someone is going to this much trouble to monitor their alcohol intake, it's a safe bet they're struggling with drinking too much, and already past the point when they can just easily "choose" not to drink.

Imagine you are locked in a toy store with a screaming 2 year old. There's only one toy that will make them happy; it works perfectly; it works every single time–and it's the ONE toy you're NOT supposed to give to them. You try everything else, every toy in the store, every combination, everything you can think of. And meanwhile you're trapped in there with this berserk child. All day. Every day. For weeks. And months. And years. While the kid is screaming and kicking and crying and fighting and throwing things and screaming and hitting and screaming…and you know they'll never stop. Until you give them that one toy. As long as they have the toy, they're quiet and happy. Take the toy away and they go berserk again. And the kicker is–no one else can hear or see the tantrum. No one understands why it's so hard to not give them the toy. Welcome to the rest of your life.

That's how easy "choosing" not to drink is for someone with AUD (alcohol use disorder). Addiction is not about choice, and alcohol is one of the most addictive substances on the planet. Yes, the best choice is to not to drink in the first place, or drink very minimally and occasionally, and so not get addicted in the first place. But life doesn't come with a rewind button, and addicts are coping with a far more difficult daily reality than non-addicts will ever understand. So if you don't know what it's like from the inside, please keep your suggestions to yourself.

Chris A

With wine you might have a Frenchman or heavy handed Italian and get 3 drinks worth

Mr morningstar

So question. Im over 300 pounds and i haven't really tried this but…if i have 3 shots of hard liquor thats 40% and about 2 750ml bottles of wine that has 13% within two hours will i be drunk? XD

flylorski 13

There’s absolutely no way. I can drink 10 beers and be perfectly fine. If I take 10 shots, I’m a goner.

Daniel Mattos

If you can't do the math I think it's safe to say your done drinking for the night

Watched this review today …
Аmazon offers great prices. What suits one baker may not be the best fit for another. What would you advise?

Austin NightEyes

the way he changed the equation made no sense because we are talking about the STANDARD drink not the differences between the different types of pours so just the first one minute of this video would answer our question and prove the theory of that 1 standard glass of beer which is 12oz is equal to one standard glass of wine which is 5oz and one shot being 1.5oz. And you can easily determine which one will get you drunker depending on how much you drink by the percentage.

Jay Dee

So is there 6% of alchol in an ounce of hard liquor that has a abv of 40%?


After drinking take a few bong hits and the math will not matter anymore.

im Priyank

1.5oz of hard liquor 🤣 you called 1 shot lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Taely. exe

well my mom told me her doctor says red wine is actually good for you bc it makes you look younger and live longer so cheers

Mudassar Mohamad

I was about to like the video, then he said don't drink at the end so unliked the video.


easier if you just look at ounce per ounce.. (real people doing this do).. example "my beer.. vs your glass of wine.. vs glass of whisky".. result is beer is basis.. wine is 2x as much, whisky is way more lol.. for example put 3 people in a room.. serve rounds.. 1 beer, 1 glass of wine and one low ball glass of whisky on the rocks.. the beer drinker gets minimum alcohol, wine drinker gets twice as much and whisky drinker gets wasted.. watched it 1000 times in real life. practicality vs math .. and your wine glass measure is wrong. just pored a beer into a wine fit.

I can't believe wine is stronger than beer. I always thought wine was only for women and sissies.

-SMP- scientific method perspective

So only pick DD's that are mathmeticians. Got it

Александар-М Јанкоски

I need a drink after this video

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