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7 Recipes For The Perfect Christmas Dinner

7 Festive Menu Ideas For Christmas Dinner ⬇️ RECIPE LINK BELOW ⬇️ Christmas is inching closer and closer every day, and frankly, we couldn’t be more excited. It means that it’s officially time to start thinking about the perfect Christmas meal. And what’s more gratifying and indulgent than a beautifully prepared, perfectly cooked Christmas dinner? However, making the same recipe every year can get a little bit boring. That’s where we come in, because we’ve got 7 scrumptious Christmas menus for you to choose from. Merry Christmas, indeed!


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  1. Lorna Dune says:

    Utterly incomprehensible. So many of these seem fine at first until the random cheese or hardboiled eggs come out. Its like these recipes were made by children or aliens who don't quite grasp the concept that less is more and not all delicious food is good in combinations. Like the cheese ham and puff pastry chicken like what the actual hell?

  2. ZainaDancer says:

    Wow! That "inside-out sock" beef looks killer! 💜💜💜 P.S. And that goose!!!

  3. why1itsme says:

    Not a single thing I would eat and I am VERY fat.

  4. John Carter says:

    Pretty rubbish cooking, meat and poultry have their own flavour that should come out, cheese is not the answer, mixing meat is just pretentious and cooking meat properly kills harmful bacteria, especially in poultry

  5. Will Dwyer says:

    Rabbit stew for Christmas dinner in my house.

  6. Mike Wilson fishin malarkey says:

    I seen that inverted tunnel of meat and got an unholy urge

  7. Ron says:

    Great meal ideas Scrumdiddlyumptious!! I dunno why but the music in the start of your videos always makes me feel like I could totally be a Super Hero Chef too lol

  8. Daniel Martinez says:

    a horror show, food crimes.

  9. G. S. says:

    No way in hell that pastry wrapped chicken could work. Chicken puts off grease when it cooks – The bottom would be a greasy mess.

  10. Eunice Tan says:

    Hey, did you get the timing correct? 350F for 1 hour to cook a chicken? Will be disappointed if no answer prevails. Several comments already !

  11. Ami Bravetti says:

    Why tf it look like a meat corncob?

  12. totally not lilly says:

    if this is what you guys are gonna make for Christmas dinner, santas gonna give you coal and an ass kicking. wtf is that egg beef dish?

  13. Paula Spangler says:

    We're having fried chicken for Christmas

  14. Ow SB says:

    Wow, delicious food, well done. Would like invite to watch my Christmas video.

  15. Amanda H says:

    Oh my goodness iv never seen a piece of beef turned inside out before , I loved the way you made the green colouring for the leaves thank you Amanda xx

  16. Jumana in the Kitchen جمانة في المطبخ says:


  17. Odette 001 says:

    No way I am putting egg in such lovely meat.

  18. Cooking with Stacy says:

    I would love if at least 5 people reading this follow my new channel. Please 🙏🏽 and thank you. Also leave a feedback if you can. Have a great day 🤗

  19. Laura Shadforth says:

    Mmmmm meat wrapped eggs

  20. Lady M says:


  21. Jimmy L says:

    I wish someone would stuff me like that chicken got stuffed.

  22. Deva Priya says:

    The first dish doesn't have cheese? It's so un-scrumdiddlyumptious! 🙄

  23. Jinjajak Lovell says:

    Nice job blurring the raw parts at 6.50 lmao

  24. Eleftheria Sayaf says:

    Congratulations everything looks so beautiful and delicious

  25. Kanishka Malik says:

    I m vegan donno why watching this. It's sad all we have for eating is animals

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