4 healthy low calorie dinner ideas (for weight loss/healthier lifestyle)

thank you for watching today’s video! I hope you all enjoyed my dinner idea meals! if you liked it, please be sure to give a thumbs up. LOVE YOU ALL and have a great day ♥️

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Lindokuhle Khoza

I truly appreciate the fact that you ALWAYS add the amount of calories. Great video! 💞💞

Mayra Puerta Noriega

Thank you for. The ideas😘😘 by the way i dont speak english bat i try to understand you because i love your videos

Floreymi C

Thank you for such a detailed video! All the recipes look delicious 😋

Natalie Carreon

Girl, I love the time and effort you put into your videos! Keep up the good work! ❤️

myw _1962

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Winter Allen

I love love love how you use fresh ingredients! I am trying to get away from having as many processed foods. Your meals are always so simple to make. Looking forward to trying them all.

Ebby rene

You are such a blessing to us !! Thank you for these videos 💕💕💕

Also… potatoes are a great food for weight loss bc it really fills you up and the calories are quite low 🙂

Romaine lettuce for taco shells is absolutely genius! Thank you for sharing.

kotov dot in

Yes, KANYE WEST called me DIET PRADA. I turned WOLF OF WALL ST to apples. Best ever FREE TOOLS & FOOD are on my website

Since watching your videos and following your food ideas I've lost 5 lbs and it hasn't been a full week… And no exercise.I'm shocked….and absolutely grateful.. I just had to make a comment. So anyone reading this follow what she says because it works🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽


Wow amazing ideals. I will go for the tacos and turkey chilli. Not a big fan of salads. Thanks. ?? Do you drink smoothies of any kind?

Nikeisha Darensburg

I love this video! I’m creating a TG list just from these meal ideas. I just came across your channel today and I’ve already watched like 5 of your videos. You’re gorgeous and have a beautiful personality. Keep reaching for greatness 💓

Weight Loss with PCOS

Love that you make meals that are quick and easy to make at home just have to take the time to cut up some veggies and you’re good to go! 💕

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