3 Easy & Healthy Dinner Ideas!

3 Easy & Healthy Dinner Ideas!
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Today I showed you guys 3 healthy dinner ideas from Hello Fresh! I love hello fresh and love their easy meals! I sometimes like to use these as leftovers for a healthy breakfast or a healthy lunch too. Making healthy meals can be easy and fun! I love making healthy lunches or healthy dinners because they make me feel good about what I’m eating. Do you ever wonder what I eat in a day? Now you can get a sneak peek into what I eat in a day or things to eat, meal ideas, healthy tips, and recipes that are healthy and easy for the family.

I love food, and I love cooking, so healthy meals are so fun to make for Dan and me. Sometimes when I don’t know what to eat, I love that Hello Fresh has everything covered from ingredients to healthy recipes that are filling and so good! If you’re vegan or vegetarian, you can modify the recipes to fit your preferances!

I am so happy that you guys are loving my healthy recipes and meal prep videos. I love healthy cooking so if you have any recipe requests or future easy dinner ideas or healthy lunch ideas or snack ideas, let me know and I will make them! I love making fast dinner recipes and healthy dinner meals so this video I hope you will enjoy! 🙂


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Melody Champion

I just signed up for Hello Fresh– I think it will be fun for my son and daughter to each take on a night of cooking and this will be a cool way for them to learn new recipes besides the ones we already make!!

Lauren Parrish

Can we talk about that creepy "OOoooh" someone did at 0:38???


Love your cooking videos!!👌🏻❤️
Now I'm craving the caramelized shallot risotto😍😋
BTW I don't like peas either😂

Anna Dees

I started using Hello Fresh because of your videos, Nikki, and it is seriously an amazing service. The food is SO GOOD!!! You guys, this is legit. If you're on the fence you should totally give it a try.

Yarii Iglecias

OMG the risotto looked so delicious! I've never tried but now i HAVE to lol

Natalie Keatley

Most cheeses contain "rennet" do you know what rennet is? calfs stomach 🙁

I love your voice! So enthusiastic and happy and easy to listen to ❤️☺️

Paisley Parrish

I love Nikki!! My friends and I made up a drinking game while watching her food vids and take a shot every time she says "literally" and we r all usually cross eyed drunk by the end of each vid!!😂🤣


When u was cutting the onion my eyes started to water😂😂😂

L. Tillman

I'm so grateful for your channel, I've been eating a plant based diet for a little over a year but finding recipes I truly enjoy is rare. But everything I have tried from you is so GOOD and FILLING. Thanks!

Cynthia Rodriguez

I'm an 11 year old girl and I love cooking and I'm learning by watching videos and trying to make new things on my own and my Dad and Grandma are amazing at cooking

Marina Aleksieva

Cooking 101: learn the difference between a cook and a cooker. Then start teaching people how to cook.

Rachel Montoy

I really discovered you as you where moving to Nashville and have been watching some old videos of yours. All you videos are good but I feel like you are genially more happy now, than you where here. Your vibe seems more natural now a days.

Kylee June

Does anyone have suggestions for other videos with good meal ideas

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