3 Easy & Healthy Dinner Ideas! Lemon Chicken, Sriracha Salmon & Zoodles!

YUM! These are 3 of my fave easy & affordable healthy dinner recipes! I eat them on a weekly basis and know you will love them too. Check out the special LSF discount code for Hello Fresh below!

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♥ Recipe Nutritional Information ♥

♥ Hello Fresh – Braised Chicken thighs: serves 2 / per serving
595 calories
19g fat
61g carbs
45g proein

♥ Sriracha Salmon 2 servings / per serving
447 calories
15g fat
53g carbs
28g proteins

♥ Ground Turkey Zoodles 2 servings / per serving
263 calories
6g fat
21g carbs
33g protein

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Carolyn Loughran

The chicken looked delicious! I already eat the zoodles and turkey, so good!


I wanna try the zoodle one. Just maybe with some cheese. Although the salmon and chicken one look good too.

Natasha Abdullah

what were the spice measurements for the ground turkey?

Holly Beary

Seriously can't wait to try the zoodles and the salmon! You have such great ideas!! 😍

Kristin Milla

I'm excited to try the turkey zoodles. I bought a spiralizer a few months back and absolutely LOVE it!

thanks sooo much for posting this! I just ordered a zoodler and can't wait to try it!! Looks so delish!

Meghan McQuillan

I can't wait to try the zoodles & meat sauce!! Yum! 😋


If you love zoodling so much and is looking to replace your spiralizer in the future, check out the inspiralized by Ali Malfucci! Best spiralizer ever!

Leanna Tallmeister

These look so good and easy! Gonna make the zoodles ASAP

Kendra Fitch

I thought I commented, but I don't see my comment so I have to comment again:P  My fav recipe is the zoodles:P

Katie Bennett

I am really excited to try all of them but i think the Ground Turkey Zoodles will be the one i want to try first!!! Thanks for the awesome dinner ideas!! 🙂

Raquel Castelo

I love this type of fast healthy food! My favourite is the salmon 😀

I got my spiralizer at big Lots for 15 on sale. Later on I saw one at Walmart for about 12. If anyone is wondering where to get one

Mikela Kobayashi

My husband and I tried the zoodles and to both of our surprises he actually really liked it!! Always trying to Fitbit more veggies yah know??!? Thanks 🙂

Sukaina Batool

There was an ice cream ad before the video started 😂

Tina Kuczaj

can't wait to try the ground turkey zoodles since I already eat a ton of salmon

Hana with Hannah

Making the Sriracha Salmon right now! I love my spicy too! Plus with a Filipino Hubby we use LOTS of soy sauce in our house hold!! Excited to see what he thinks of it :0)

Judith Miranda

Hi i love the ground turkey zoodle looks 😋 god bless I'm very happy I found Your channel. This is my first time watching Your videos so far so good LOVE IT 👍to you


I just bought a spiralizer so I am excited to try to the zoodle recipe this weekend and relax at home now that all the holiday company is gone.  I am love artichoke hearts too.  Looks amazing.  The house is going to smell so cozy.  …What spices did you put on the ground turkey?

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