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Dr. Satchin Panda on Circadian Insights into Exercise Timing, Melatonin Biology, and Peak Cognition

Dr. Satchidananda (“Satchin”) Panda is a professor in the Regulatory Biology Laboratory at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies. His work focuses on chronobiology, the study of the day-night cycles that drive the multifaceted activities of the human body, using genetic, genomic, and biochemical approaches. He is an expert on circadian rhythms and a pioneer in the field of time-restricted eating. A priority for Dr. Panda when designing his studies is to identify strategies that positively impact public health.

Circadian rhythms, the body’s 24-hour cycles of biological, hormonal, and behavioral patterns, modulate a wide array of physiological processes, including the body’s production of hormones that regulate sleep, hunger, and metabolism, ultimately influencing body weight, performance, and susceptibility to disease. Circadian rhythmicity may have profound implications for human healthspan.

When and how much we sleep, eat, or exercise (and these activities’ effects on our health) are intrinsically linked to our circadian rhythms.

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:01:06 – Intro to circadian rhythms
00:08:05 – Light and sleep
00:16:15 – Melatonin for sleep
00:21:51 – Eating near bedtime
00:28:50 – Shiftwork and jet lag
00:40:45 – Afternoon napping
00:42:40 – Making lighting healthier
00:46:55 – Time-restricted eating
00:57:49 – Dr. Panda’s ongoing study
01:03:33 – Dr. Panda’s personal lifestyle
01:11:56 – Exercise timing and caffeine

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  1. FoundMyFitness says:

    This conversation with Dr. Panda is available as an Apple Podcast. Indeed, all three episodes that have been recorded with Dr. Panda, which you can find notes for on my website, are available as an Apple Podcast, as well. Get that episode here

    The show notes for this particular appearance can be found here:

    If you enjoyed Dr. Panda's amazing walkthrough of the fascinating science of circadian rhythm, you can let him know that by sending him a tweet at …or, better still, by participating in his mobile phone-powered circadian research by heading to This is a really great project that's yielded many interesting insights for Dr. Panda's group.

    Thank you so much for listening and giving me this amazing opportunity to continue to bring these great conversations with brilliant minds to the world.

  2. Amazing talk

  3. Wow

  4. SpookyScarySkeleJon says:

    What about you Dr. Patrick, do you still take melatonin before slip? Thank you for everything that you are offering to us!

  5. Jason Simpson says:

    Is it ironic that I'm awake listening to this, eating and drinking coffee, at 3am?

  6. Andrew says:

    Great interview

  7. Mistadobalinacaust says:

    Dr. Panda is a bit in over his head regarding light. Sunglasses and glass windows are hugely harmful for the body. Overhead artificial lighting is not going to help rather it is quite harmful. Learn about flicker rate as well.

  8. Morgan Mackenzie says:









    #1万人を超える人が見ていたもん( #笑)


    #まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #垃圾

  9. LISA says:

    I know him for last few yrs I red his book. He s increadible 👏🏻🥰IF eaters who cuts out breakfast r wrong! One day they ll learn what they do to their body!

  10. Coco Chanel says:

    Am I the only one that doesn’t receive ANY notifications for this channel???

  11. Varleen Kaur says:

    Very insightful video! Learned a lot of things.

  12. emlau12 says:


  13. Blade70 says:

    Going to stop taking melatonin now.

  14. Githu Catherine says:

    I love how it's broken down and it's easy to digest. Great content.

  15. Matt Mr America says:

    i spot a panda and a fox

  16. lucu01 says:

    listening to this while I'm fasting – and I mean no food or drink

  17. Russian View says:

    can you discuss omad next time

  18. Gabriel S says:

    one meal a day.
    walking all day(my job).
    hes saying im gonna get kidney stones? what

  19. Narelle C says:

    I’m watching this (during the day) after doing a sleep study 😂

  20. FromHere On says:

    1:03:53 Oh man that infographic is brutal

  21. Crepito says:

    What about supplements or medication 60 minutes before bedtime?

  22. m mui says:

    Long time fan, love your talks Rhonda! imo: the animated EQ on screen while you talk is distracting, I think a blank screen or plain photo would be better 🙂

  23. Thomas Flannigan says:

    Thank you for all your work to educate us Rhonda!

  24. TheUnseenTruth says:

    Hi Dr. Rhonda, I came across the following study which highlights the dangers of "over-activating the Nrf2 pathway", and speaks of foods and supplements that no doubt include sulforaphane. I wondered if you have any opinion on the matter? I include an excerpt of the study here, along with a link below:

    "The Keap1-Nrf2-ARE system protects mitochondria in cardiomyocytes. However, when over-activated, this same system can cause CVD and multi-drug-resistant cancers. So, even though the relatively low concentrations of dietary antioxidants in fruits, vegetables and spices might be healthy, higher concentrations might not. Dietary supplements such as green tea extract and purified EGCG might over-activate the Keap1-Nrf2-ARE signaling system and be quite unhealthy."

    'The Role of the Nrf2/ARE Antioxidant System in Preventing Cardiovascular Diseases'

  25. Christian Cardona says:

    Interview Dr Jason Fung! That would be a great podcast

  26. It matters WHEN you go to sleep doesn't it? Like 8 hours of sleep from 2am is different to 8 hours sleep from 10pm?

  27. josep lluis gomez andreu says:

    great video, a lot of useful information!. I still have a doubt. If I'm taking supplements, what time of the day could be the best, just to be consistent with circadian rhythms? I usually have my last meal at 21, take coffee and supplements with a bit of iogurt at 7:30 pm and then first meal about 11:00 pm. I'm not sure if it's the best timing or even if it's breaking the fasted window. maybe it is better to take the supplements in the feeding window?

  28. Keny Charles says:

    At 16:27 while y'all were discussing light, it occurred to me that part of my sleep problems since retirement may be associated with a lack of light absorbtion during ordinary daylight hours. I've spent most of my life working outdoors and much of that time I was welding. (Try viewing the world through a 2 inch tall by 4 inch wide window for 30 years.)
    But, anyway, my relationship with light changed drastically upon retirement. I'm betting there are thousands, if not millions of freshly retired or otherwise unemployed individuals who have been experiencing sleep inadequacies for similar reasons.
    This discussion also could be a good listen for truck drivers.

    (I just wanted to make a note to self to comment on your video. You were about to discuss melatonin when I stopped to make this note).And it is about 11:00 P.M. I'll not finish this presentation this evening. Thank you for this presentation.

  29. Linda Contreras says:


  30. Mansoor Narwade says:

    Dear Rhonda, Thanks for this helpful info. Can you please also do an interview with experts on Restless Legs Syndrome and sleeplessness due to it?

  31. great podcast, really learning a lot wow. thank you both of you

  32. What’s the best time of the day to listen to this podcast? 😉

  33. Johnny says:

    I wish he would have discussed why his thinking evolved away from morning exercise, as he made a rational case for it in 2018

  34. Just Boden says:

    Thank you

  35. Marc Sanchez says:

    As always Rhonda, thank you for your important talks for our well being and healthy future 🙏

  36. Ladda Ner says:

    I'm happy to have found this episode on Spotify!!

  37. Relax Good says:

    Great guest

  38. Robert Wadlow says:

    Can't wait to listen to this. Thanks very much

  39. peter catterall says:

    Thanks for this ,very interesting

  40. Alexander Zi says:

    woo Rhonda with another home run!

  41. Lynne Cobb says:

    Lol…early riser at 7am?

  42. Life_Dweller says:

    installing those color temperature apps for electronic devices made a drastic improvement for me. don't know how i managed to look at a screen without them

  43. Cole Walliser says:

    YESSS!!! Been waiting for a new one with him! 👏🏼

  44. Robert Fashler says:

    So helpful. I have been experiencing sleep (and blood sugar) problems. This is very timely. In fact, I began using his insights while listening to the podcast – sitting outside in the morning and gazing at the beautiful blue sky (not into the sun).

  45. Nick Arrizza says:

    The half life of coffee/caffeine is about 6 hours which means if you have one at noon you'll still have 50% in your body by 6 pm and 25% by midnight.

  46. Nabill says:

    I was literally watching everything about circadian rhythms and then you drop this gem 🥳🎉

  47. Mike says:

    Hi Rhonda! Thank you Dr Panda for sharing your 2021 tips with us.

  48. ifoundthistoday says:

    thank you !!

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