15 STRONGEST OP Minecraft Weapons (Comments to Crafting)

NEW OP weapons in Minecraft to check out, automatic crossbows, TNT on sticks, GIANT sticks!! and so much more.

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In today’s Comments to Crafting we’re covering 15 STRONGEST OP Minecraft Weapons in game. From one of the largest sticks you’ve ever seen in Minecraft before, to even sticks that have TNT on the end of them. Automatic crossbows, lightening necklaces, balloons, shields..? Suggest your comments for other crafting recipes you’d like for us to make in future episodes.

15 STRONGEST OP Minecraft Weapons (Comments to Crafting)

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magic wand: one nether star and one stick right click to switch spell left click to cast spell inculde teliportaion to desierd cooyordinints

The Anchor: A new weapon that can hit up to 6 enemies at once. Holding right click will charge the anchor and when released, will fly forward and grab any nearby items in it's path. Enchanting it with Loyalty will make the items go in your inventory.
How to Craft: Put 2 chains in the middle and bottom middle row. Put 1 netherite ingot on each side. Put one stick on top.

How about a bow and arrow where you need to fire 5 arrows and once you do every bolt explodes. So you can kill multiple enemies or do huge damage to one

lava charge, fire charge (cobblestone + 4 Blaze Powder) + Blaze Rod + 2 Powder + 4 Magma
Lava= MRM Fire= NPN
When thrown places Lava (U can now Throw Fire Charges too, to Make Fire, Duh)
ps. M = magma R= blaze rod P= blaze powder C= cobblestone F= fire charge N= nothing.

Log the one hit obliterater is in the dlc of breath of the wild it one hits everything but you get one hitten

A logdotzip bow when you shoot it becomes you favorit block with a sine on it. It say hey guys logdotzip here you need four diamonds one bow and four blaze rods

Balloons are actually official in minecraft with education edition and it will never pop that means once you attach it to a mob and boom never to be found again

2:08 Why does this remind me of when Garp told the Strawhat Pirates about Luffy's 'training' or whatever that torture was when they were in Water 7?
16:35 A Shield can be a weapon, just ask Naofumi, Raptalia, Filo, Melty, Maple, Kuromu, etc.

Crossbow Chestplate:

A version of crossbows that acts as armor too!


Crossbow Chestplate Crossbow

Arrow Chest Arrow

Leave this row empty

How 2 use: Hold use to load both crossbows and use to fire, when one crossbow fires it reloads while the other fires, you can use quick charge and thorns enchantments on it since it is a weapon and armor.
it is useful during raids. hope this gets in some video

Make giant's trident you can transform into a giant that can give you the best strength and regeneration and you are going to be with 100 hearts of health

Idea: netherite generator: crafted like:
[diamond block] [diamond block] [diamond block]
[Gold block] [netherite block] [gold block]
[emerald block] [diamond block] [emerald block]
And if u surround it on all visible sides with gold blocks it makes 9 netherite ingots

Comments to craftting: a fire diamond chainsaw crafted by one diamond on top on the middle with a chain in the middle lava buckets on each side in the middle parts with a stick on the bottom middle part, it will catch mobs on fire and kill them in four hits.

Make a glove that's called the super mega extreme glove the crafting recipe is a nether star in the middle dragon breath on the corners red wool on the sides it kills all the mobs in your world. (I mean they sure can respawn)

a nether scythe

two blaze rods, netherite ingots(3), a nether star and one soul sand
attacks burn an enemy with soul fire and right-clicking while standing shoots a disk of soul fire, crouching unleashes a flaming slam sending out a wave or wall of soul fire or unleashes three soul fire pillars whichever is cooler to you

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