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Bread Recipes: Whole Wheat Bread | Afropotluck

Super soft and moist 100% whole wheat Bread, No white flour and no sugar added!

6-7 cups Whole Wheat
1/2 Cup Honey
1/2 Cup Milk
11/2 cups Water
2 Tsp Salt
2 Tbsps Yeast
6 Tbsps Olive Oil
2 Tbsps Lemon juice

Detailed written recipe –

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  1. youngbloodsuz says:

    That’s very interesting about the lemon juice or vinegar helping to soften a whole wheat bread. Anxious to try this and thank you for your clear videos. Suzette

  2. Dipa 1022 says:

    Hi the bread looks awesome . Shd I bake for 40-50 min or for 25-30 min as mentioned in the website at 350 f. Plz clarify

  3. Olubunmi Afeni says:

    Pls, can I use coconut oil in place of olive oil

  4. the only lola says:

    Please where can I get whols wheat flour in ibadan

  5. Karen Nall says:

    I Like your Bread

  6. Patricia Akinyombo says:

    Hello sis I actually followed ur recipe to the letter step by step. My dough was never soft and after letting it rest and starting to knead it d dough continued to have cracks n it. I’ve wasted 7 cups of flour in making this bread. There’s got to be a trick to making brown bread but I don’t seem to have it. Anyway glad urs comes out nice

  7. Ma.elena dela cruz Natividad says:

    Can i use corn oil instead of olive oil

  8. Swagger tv Ade says:

    Pls I need to know recipe for wheat bread 25kg of flour

  9. marijke warners says:

    Why the lemon juice?

  10. Fagr Azab says:

    ممكن الترجمة بالعربي

  11. Desmojd says:

    Will definitely give this a try. I always have to add white flour

  12. Noor Ul Huda Munim says:

    Can I replace 2 cups of all purpose flour to make a light whole wheat bread . Do I need to change anything else in the recipe for this .

  13. Maria Caldeira says:

    Hi Lola, tried your WWB recipe, couple of days back and it was heavenly… Moist and super soft and didn't get that yeasty smell normally would get from making the bread, I was too happy with the outcome. Thank you for sharing your recipes, take care, stay safe and God bless you and your family in Jesus name.

  14. Anita Mathews says:

    Ms Lola i did what u said ,but the yeast didn't break and merge with the dough ,pl reply whether u have added warm milk ,coz that's what I had done with maida flour bread, but u never indicated in ur instructions so in this dough there is nothing which is warm milk or water ,so my dough sadly never rose ,also pl say how much is 1 cup in grams coz it different with country wise ,many thanks

  15. Anita Mathews says:

    Can u be precise about the cup measurement Dear Lola how many grams ,in my place a cup can be 200 gram and 5 cups will be 1kg pl reply many thanks

  16. TEMBO CUISINE TV says:

    Une bonne recette

  17. Merry Winoto says:

    Can I add sun flower seed ? Will it affect the end result of the bread ?

  18. Rachel D'cruz says:

    Delightful, will definitely try this

  19. Adepoju Fatimah says:

    Good morning MA can I buy wheat from the market to grind and then use for this recipe

  20. Oluwaseyi Oluwasade says:

    Please can I use Honeywell wheat meal

  21. Ayesha Sultan says:

    chef lola i do not have oven,but i want to make your amazing bread,,plz give me some tip…..also my bread dough doesnot rise enough..i dont know why,, plz help me..ALLAH bless u with hidaya ameen…….mam i have instant dry yeast..should i 1st mix it with warm water to activate it…plzz mam reply me soon..i m waiting,

  22. Uche Joy says:

    Wow!!! Tried it yesterday and it was so amazing. Chef Lola, I ended adding extra water and I used 6 cups. Don't know why. Please can you enlighten me based on that. Thanks darling

  23. bhawana bothra says:

    Can I use sugar instead of honey

  24. Marega Eseoghene says:

    Thank you for this video. First time of baking bread but this video made it so easy for me. The only problem I had was that the dough collapsed a little while baking. How can I prevent if next time?

  25. Mary Fadipe says:

    Hello, thanks for the recipe. i am def trying it. however, please did you need to sieve the wheat flour before use or did you use it straight from the bag?

  26. Anne Castillo says:

    Hello are you using instant or active dry yeast? Thanks!😊

  27. novicetech1 says:

    Great recipe. Thank you. I could listen to you speak all day. I love your voice.

  28. zahretelomr says:

    Does it come out sweet? I don't want it sweet

  29. Mercy Oluwaniyi says:

    I tried it for my In-laws and they ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ it. Thank you Ma.

  30. オヤツを紹介するオジイちゃん春男Oyatu Ojiityan HALUO says:


  31. Gunnika Kerdto says:

    Whole Wheat Bread look very good and thank you for sharing awesome recipe.

  32. Scotty X says:

    Very nice! I like the addition of lemon juice

  33. Victoria William says:

    Can I replace sugar instead of honey. And what the measurement?

  34. I am following the exact measurements and procedure, but my bread crust is too thick (especially the bottom crust), about 2-3 mm, and hard, can you tell me what I am doing wrong?

  35. Mohammed Ali says:

    Let us see you. Your bread looks beyond great. I will definitely try it . Thanks Lola.

  36. Cookies Lee says:

    If i prepare just the dough in the bread machine, i would still need to let it rise before placing in the oven ?

  37. JASON KAM says:

    i like ur accent and ur bread thanks , gonna try this soon

  38. Ajayi Temirope says:

    Nice and precise. Love you always…. Thanks for this upload you're blessed in Jesus name.

  39. Ugochi Augusta says:

    Wow …. Looks so yummy pls ma, where can i get wheat flour ?

  40. Sophia Simbo says:

    Pls try and do grams measurement its difficult for us who only measure in gram scale

  41. Inderjeet Bhamra says:

    Thank you for this fantastic recipe. I just baked this bread and it is soft, moist and perfect 😄😄

  42. Bijay Gurung says:

    No need sugar ?

  43. Astrin Ymris says:

    Um… Honey contains sucrose, so this recipe DOES have added sugar. Just sayin'.

  44. Smita Jal says:

    I just love your video. Your soothing voice just wants me to go to the kitchen and bake.. thank you, will surely try this recipe and get back to you. God bless

  45. Jaime Santiago says:

    That is some aesome bread lady!
    Yo have"" passion"" the main ingredient., I think!..CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS!

  46. bayewu michael says:

    Thanks very much it's very okay and good for healthy

  47. Aduse-Pokuaa Bridget says:

    pls can I use butter

  48. Sidi Alhassan from the magic world says:

    Thanks for sharing this video

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